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4 september 2019

i downloaded the Currency Switcher app on shopify store but after deleting it, still the currency converter didn't get removed . please help me with this otherwise its a 5 star.

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20 dagar användning av appen
Redigerat 7 oktober 2019

EDIT: I really hate to give a negative review to a free app with friendly developers but I need to warn other stores that this app is *NOT COMPATIBLE* with the Turbo Theme (likely due to a script conflict).

Within 24-48 hours of their install, my site started accumulating over 4500 coverage errors within the Google Search Console resulting, in less than 10 days, in serious damage to my Google rankings. Thankfully Google sent an email notifying me but the damage was already done.

By the time I discovered the problem, my rankings dropped 133% from their previous levels and organic traffic from Google dropped by 86%. My site even returned errors when running the mobile friendly test on Google as a result of the changes to my code.

As soon as I undid the changes made by Secomapp to my code, my site passed the Google test again which confirms what Shopify tells me about the errors.

It will take days, weeks or even MONTHS for Google to validate those 4500+ pages and who knows how long to recover the rankings I've worked so hard for. Truly a disastrous experience.

The developers are *very nice* but the language barrier makes it impossible to trouble-shoot the issues or for them to understand the problems pointed out by Shopify technical support. For instance, while the Google error states it was blocked by the Shopify controlled robots.txt file, this is due to a Javascript conflict on my site introduced by this app. But the developers aren't understanding that probably due to translation.

So just be VERY CAREFUL if using their code and make sure to check your Google search console for errors after installing. Again, I liked the app but it directly caused serious problems.

Initial review on date of install:

One day in and received excellent support from Peter on install with back and forth communication. So far so good on the app itself - working as advertised and greatly appreciated. The fact that it works with multi-currency checkout is a bonus.

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13 dagar användning av appen
16 juli 2019

I installed it and removed it. But still i see some of its files not removed.
ex - cs-currency.css
Due to that i had an issue an i removed the file
Sri Lanka
25 minuter användning av appen
Smartify Apps svarade 17 juli 2019

We are so sorry for this issue, we would love to make things right by removing the remaining part. We sent you an email to offer a support, hope you could give us another chance.