Custom Delivery Date Calendars

Custom Delivery Date Calendars

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Create Unlimited Custom Date Calendars For Delivery Dates

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Easy To Configure & Integrate

Automatically adds to cart page. Optionally place a calendar wherever you want with CSS selectors. Add options like time selection with ease

Create Unlimited Date Pickers

Create and delete calendars as you see fit. Need the customer to pick a delivery and collection date? No problem, easy to configure multiple

Automatically Shows On Orders

After customers place an order their date selections will show on your Shopify order panel

关于 Custom Delivery Date Calendars


A date picker which is easy to use, and can be turned on within 30 seconds of installation.

Create as many date pickers as you want, and enable/disable as you see fit.

Core features

  • Automatically embeds directly on the cart page
  • Shows on your Shopify order page when an order is complete
  • Create and delete as many date pickers as you like, show multiple at once
  • Choose default days from today the calendar starts on
  • Choose a description for the customer to see

Optional features

  • Option to disable certain days
  • Option to disable historic dates
  • Option to enable time display
  • Custom embed locations with CSS selectors
  • Configure time display



  • 不提供隐私政策

定价 5 天免费试用

Basic Plan


  • Automatically Embeds
  • Create As Many As You Like
  • Custom Titles
  • Custom Descriptions
  • Shows On Order Page
  • Time Option
  • Custom CSS Selectors

* 所有费用均以美元结算。 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

2.2 评分

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Beach Baby Crib Rentals

App was flagged by Google Ads as malware. I have been unable to run Google Ads. Tried contacting app support 3 times with no response.



Hi there,

So sorry for the problems you've received, we tried to respond to you twice on email but for some reason it appears you're not receiving the emails.

We've sent another email today, if it hasn't been received could you contact us directly at I do apologise for the frustration here, we would love to fix this issue and have you back as a customer.

Thanks for your time.


This app is great!! I've looked all over for an app that lets you place more than one calendars (ex: one for pick up & one for delivery) and this is the only one that I have found. James is so helpful and willing to help with questions. Another bonus is that it is very easy to install and add multiple calendars.