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Custom Impression

Custom Impression

Developed by eComTools

17 reviews
Price: $9.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Increase your conversion rates with instant personalization
  • Best user-experience to personalize products. Instant preview with every keystroke and form selection.
  • Easy product setup and maintenance with tools provided in the app.

Easy setup steps

  • STEP 1: Register your shop in Shopify

  • STEP 2: Install the Custom Impression app

  • STEP 3: Use the app's portal to select your products

Why choose this app to personalize products

  • Improve your conversion rates with immediate personalization. Turn more prospective customers into actual customers.

  • The customer's "user-experience" provides an instant & updated preview with every key stroke and form selection. The personalized product is rendered within the browser (not by a back-end server). This makes the preview update in only 1/200th of a second...making it the fastest personalization engine in the world by far.

  • Beginning-to-end setup of your storefront and products only takes a few minutes

  • 99% of the work is done for you via our app...you only need to do any shop customization if you want to

  • You don't need any technical knowledge to set this up

The app can render personalization to emulate the final product with extreme precision by implementing the following:

  • Custom fonts are used to match the final product

  • Text embossing to any depth

  • Shadows (size, darkness, color, etc.)

  • Text outlines with various sizes & colors (also known as stroke effects)

  • Opacity (transparency)

  • Text can be configured as an arc with any curvature (plus or minus 0-360 degrees)

  • Precise line spacing

  • Rotation (0-360 degrees)

  • Skew values (horizontally and/or vertically)

  • Horizontal alignments (left, center, right, or block positioning)

  • Vertical alignments (top, middle, or bottom)

  • Zone alignment to render text in any desired shape

  • Text will shrink-to-fit w/ minimum fonts size specified

  • Position with X,Y values

  • Width & height values

  • Superscript or subscript options

  • 3D rendering to emulate a view from any perspective

  • Business rules drive what appears when and under what conditions

  • Customer photo uploads only take a couple seconds or less regardless of file size

Technical points about the app (behind-the-scene techie stuff in case you're interested)

  • 100% browser-based. No plugins required (no Java applets, no Silverlight, no Flash, no PDFs, etc.).

  • Works in every major browser (Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, etc.).

  • Has both a setup configurator for your product administrators (via the app's portal) and a rendering engine for your customers (via Shopify). Both of these tools use the same code base to ensure products are rendered identical to the way they're configured.

  • The configurator can do in a few minutes what it would take a developer days or even weeks to code for every single product.

  • The rendering process is optimized using advanced 2D & 3D HTML graphics, Javascript. It also utilizes extensive geometric, algebraic, and trigonometric utilities (all custom written for this application).

Easy app installation

  • After installing the app, it will automatically start working for all products selected via the Custom Impression portal.

  • Your shop's product page will show the personalization (for products configured for instant preview...more are getting configured daily).

  • Your shop's cart will a thumbnail of products as personalized by your customers (for products configured for instant preview).

Custom Impression reviews

17 reviews
  1. 5 stars (3 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (0 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (2 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (3 reviews)
  5. 1 star (9 reviews)

How did Shopify let this app onto the platform and why do they still allow it??? Horrible app. I installed the app a few hours ago and can already tell you it is getting uninstalled. If the app worked as planned, it would be fantastic. However, I noticed as another reviewer noted that the box for the personalization option pushes all the other elements to the right of the screen. It looks ridiculous. Also, if a customer clicks on the personalization option a new pop window comes up for them to input the personalization. Great, except the previewer doesn't work and looks confusing. Unfortunately, this means I will have to manually add the products and personalization, which is going to take a solid week at least before making the store available to customers. This integration would have saved me hours of work but I can't present something that doesn't look good to my customers. Oh, and no response from the "support."


App didn't work well for our store and there was no response on requested help. Uninstalled app and it's still causing trouble in our store.


Great app when working. However, customer service is the worst ever. Shopify should remove this app.


Absolutely no communication, have been attempting for over a year to get product added and they are worthless. Literally months in between emails and then they do not do anything at all, worthless. It would be a good app if they actually did something. They list discontinued product and incorrect pricing and are not willing to update this or add new product.


Looks like a good app for our store, however, installation did not go as expected and we were not able to access the portal. Several emails to support and general info box garnered NO RESPONSE. None. Not even-thank you for your email. There is apparently no phone service wherever they are, as they do not have a phone number. No point in using a vendor with no support help.


Really hard to get support. About ready to find a different app. Does work good when it works. I just hate dealing with companies that have no phone numbers.


This is a cool product which has really helped to keep my store up date. However, it is so incredibly slow. Most times when a website tells you it will take a few minutes, this site is not joking. It literally takes about 3-4 minutes to load the list alone. Once it's finally loaded if you don't give up on it or end up doing something else, you select the products and then hope that it actually loads the products into the store. Also, for $9.99 a month this app is a bit overpriced just like the majority of shopify's apps.


This app is good, but it doesn't seem to be updated with new products and discontinued items are still listed.


We rely on this app heavily. It does a great job of dynamically rendering personalized gift images so customers can visualize exactly what they will receive. We are adding another 250 jds products ASAP.


Absolutely no support! I've sent numerous emails and no response at all. We had a WP site prior to this that Custom Impressions at first said they could modify app to work on and our web designer got one response and then no response over several months from this company, while they left our web designer and us sitting and waiting on them. Shopify really needs to start screening app developers who are charging their customers for using their apps. I just noticed there are lots of similar complaints from other Shopify customers regarding this app that I wish I noticed earlier. I will be uninstalling and finding a new replacement for this app. Just HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SLOW AS A SNAIL!

$9.99 / month
14 days


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