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10 de enero de 2023

Poor experience, tried contacting support but no reply. The app is difficult to create different options, even though installing was just adding it to the Theme Editor sections on product page, quite simple compared to other apps.

I don't understand why they charge a optional fee ($20) to install the app? Very confusing... is it just installing the app which is simple to do or is it creating the options for your store which is difficult to do?...

Force of Life
Reino Unido
Alrededor de 4 horas usando la aplicación
ShopPad Inc. respondió 10 de enero de 2023

Hi Jamie,

I am very sorry that you didn't receive our email responses to your inquiries about Infinite Options. We offer the Expert Install Service for merchants that prefer to have our team complete all the installation steps.

We are always happy to help walk you through the app dashboard or create an example option set via email or live chat so never hesitate to reach out to our team with questions.

-Annette (Director of Customer Success)

2 de marzo de 2023

I would not recommend the app Infinite Options due to its poor performance, difficulty in use, and hard setup process. Despite offering a range of customization options, the app is slow and challenging to navigate, making it frustrating for users. Overall, I rate it as poor.

Ella Tee
6 minutos usando la aplicación
ShopPad Inc. respondió 2 de marzo de 2023

Hi Ella Tee Team,

I am very sorry to hear that you had a frustrating time using the application.
You can install Infinite Options by adding the block directly to the theme editor. Once installed you can start creating options directly on the app dashboard by selecting the type (drop-down menu, swatch, text field, or radio button)
Our team is always happy to help answer questions or create examples. We are available on live chat or via email at

-Annette (Director of Customer Success)

Fecha de modificación: 26 de febrero de 2020

So I am giving it 1 star because it cost me some big money on a customer. Some time ago I reached out to the support team to explain that when a customer checks out they are allowed to remove items associated to the options and leave the options behind.

I had a customer customize a product with a name, they removed the product with the cost but left the customization part which had an additional cost.

Support explained that this is by design and customers can remove the products. If I needed the items to stay I should use another product as they cannot do that.

Not a way to keep customers!

I will say this, if the product did NOT do what I explained above I would give it 5 stars as it is amazing.

Personally Yours Accessories
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24 de junio de 2019

I cannot for the life of me get this app to work. When I install it, I get a blank page. I've tried multiple browsers. I want to pay for this but I there is no point.

Pepa Prints
Más de 2 años usando la aplicación
9 de julio de 2019


I spent 2 days writing all the complicated conditions for this app. Shouldn't have bothered. What they don't tell you before you do all this work is this;

When a user selects the amount of your product he wants, let's say 4, then he selects an option specified in this apps conditions, it automatically adds 4 of those also. So if a user buys 4 of the main product he has to buy 4 of whatever add on he selects through this app. AND THERE IS NO WAY AROUND IT!!!! So, I contacted support and wait for this....this is their response....

"I understand that this is a frustrating situation, especially after working on these options for so long, but there's not much we can do in this immediate moment or even communicate this specific issue to users. As mentioned, I'll be sure to let our team know about this and see if we can get it added for a future update."

Hang on, did I just hear that right?

"...there's not much we can do in this immediate moment or even communicate this specific issue to users."

So, the app is broken and they claim there is no way to tell users that it is broken before they install and spend days configuring it!

So, I told the support person I would screenshot that response and use it in this review. Here was his response;

"I don't think you can add screenshots to reviews'

So a broken app and a flippant support team. DONT INSTALL

Sunray Fly Fish
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Más de 2 años usando la aplicación
26 de agosto de 2018

I'm trying to set up radio button variants for my listings, and the app is inconsistent with which products it will add the variants to. Example: I add the tag "honey bee necklace"in your app (which covers several of my bee necklaces that have that tag in the listing), however not all of those listings will have the radio buttons. I have to then go back into my listings and add Shopify's variants. Very time-consuming and not worth it.

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Alrededor de 2 años usando la aplicación
6 de febrero de 2017

Not very user friendly. I'm trying to follow the how-to video andit doesn't match the actual APP screen.

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Alrededor de 2 años usando la aplicación
17 de abril de 2020

All the fields have suddenly disappeared. Please support and inform us.
Customers don't complete their order without this custom fields. That crash cost me lots of money!

Alrededor de 2 años usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 8 de agosto de 2016

The problem I find with this application is that you can not identify each Variant with SKU number and Barcode to keep better inventory. This would affect when the website is used as a POS in physical stores in the future.

Even I do not solve this problem and I had to create multiple products from the same handle.

Uniform City Pr
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21 de septiembre de 2017

As much as I like the idea of this app it is incredibly non functional. I had 35 sales the day I launched the app and none of the variable options were included in the order summary. Not only did my customers not have any confirmation of what they ordered, I had no idea what to send them.

I later had to create a survey monkey survey to gather the information.

For this reason the app gets 1 star because it truly can not perform it's primary function.

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