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10 april 2024

Good when it works, but very unreliable and poor back up service. I have been using it for years, paying monthly, it only works sometimes and the developer is not being helpful at all.

BOON Sport
Mer än 3 år användning av appen
24 januari 2024

Functionality and support were cool, but at the end of the day it didn't allow me to control quantities which was a non-starter.

Ungefär en timme användning av appen
7 januari 2024

Unfortunately, I was not able to cancel my free trial from the admin dashboard which should always be an option for any app. The reason why I did not want to use this app was the fact that the add-on price is not shown on the product page when the option is selected and it's only shown in the cart.

Vita Boards
18 minuter användning av appen
22 oktober 2018

I’d have given this app a 5 star review if they bothered to respond to support queries. I’ve sent 4 support emails, all of which have been read, with no response so I’m currently left with an app that works on some orders but not others! Annoyed!

My Pet Gift Box
Mer än 4 år användning av appen
Redigerat 14 april 2019

Have not yet been able to get this app working.. Support and instructions are quite vague. Still trying to make it work before moving on to another. What i am trying to do is to simply limit the MOQ qty's for non stock products where I need to purchase a minimum qty

Fastron Electronics Store
Ungefär 3 år användning av appen
Redigerat 24 oktober 2018

this app has a SERIOUS issue. regardless of shipping checked within a product in shopify, it will add shipping rates (if one has setup general shipping say based on weight).

tech support has no clue on whats the problem encountered but offered solutions etc.. ONE wonders how come there are solutions to undefined or yet to be understood problems.

one only have to create a copy of a product that uses Infinite options and make a copy of the product Without IO to see this SERIOUS bug.

Updates.. Logan from tech support and his follow up is great. although some of these limitations are recorded to be WIP in their pipeline, nevertheless his assurance to improve on this free app earns one more star.

using this free app as it is within its limitations is definitely a 4 or 5 star product but if you have special requirements eg. not offering add-ons as standalone product sales but it's still needed to be listed as a product by Infinite Options for it to work..

it's a shame that Shopify themselves couldn't make available these granular options within their variants but there again it could be a decision to allow 3rd party apps room to make some esoteric offerings albeit less integrated..

Ungefär 2 år användning av appen
17 april 2020

It has worked well for me for two years and then all of a sudden just decided to stop working today when nothing has been changed; I have checked the code is correctly inserted for the theme and it is. Totally unreliable!!

AJS Design
Ungefär 2 år användning av appen
25 oktober 2016

Does not do a couple of simple things that I wish it did.

Show Up Have Fun
Mer än ett år användning av appen
13 juli 2016

I can;t figure out how to use the code to install this app

Ungefär ett år användning av appen
8 december 2017

Looked very easy! But not working on my website. I sent 2 emails over 2 days right before the weekend but no on answered.. I wanted to launch the new products on the weekend but now need to hunt for another app...Bad customer support

Alaya Green Beauty
Förenade Arabemiraten
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