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Infinite Options

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Great way to add variants to my products. pricing is very competative as compared.
here are the things that would enhance this product;
1. an Add on PRICE simply, not connected to a Globo
2. a way to "activate" or 'Deactivate" an option set...or have it as a draft...rather than immediately publishing, or have to delete an element. this is why I usually create a test product to add the option set to first. Image or file upload feature
4. a little easier or friendlier interface. again Globo is much easier and user friendly here.

The key feature why I DID NOT switch to globo....this app allows me to grab products based on type, vender, tag, etc...a number of ways to select specific or many products...where as this feature is only available with Globo's $20+ plan! And Variant Options app is a whopping $24 is you wish to have price add ons.

so, for now I will continue to use this app as it serves my purposes. the conditional logic and selection rules is what keeps me here for the great price.

admittedly I am experiencing technical issues with some new option sets ive created not showing up....but after the weekend im sure ill find help with their tech team

Queen Custom Claws
3年多 人在使用应用

With a few hiccups along the way, I am now happy with this app. Rated 4 stars as I was told it could be 'custom coded' to include a font preview box and after spends many hours installing the app and converting my entire site over I was told actually that's not correct and font preview would only be achieved by purchasing another app. I don't have the time to convert to another app and hope that one day these guys will include a font preview option but I'm happy for now. Customer service is MUCH more responsive than the previous personalisation app I had and they have fixed a number of issues for me when I was simply enquiring about how to fix them so I appreciate this proactiveness immensely as it has saved me a lot of time. I also love that this app doesn't interfere with other apps (eg: JudgeMe) like my previous personalisation app did and it integrated really well with my theme. I definitely recommend this app if you want personalisation options, good customer service and an affordable app. Fingers crossed font preview is in their plans!

Meridian Etch
9个月 人在使用应用

Grrat customer service help resolving issue, the app provixe great flexibility

1天 人在使用应用

Really useful to show text lines on the product page for personalised goods. Works well, a little hard to use but not too difficult. Need to look into why the Cart summary page shows the variable name rather than the text label. Made it look better by using underscores in the variable name so it looks OK on the Cart. That is, used "Text_line_one" rather than a variable name of text-line-one.

Id Hash Tags
接近6年 人在使用应用

After having taken advantage of their white glove service for $20 to insert the snippets, the app was easy to install and set up. Worked well for me to give my customers the ability to choose colours without having to add a variant for all of the colours for each product.

I recommend Infinite Options as an add-on app for your shopify store.

接近5年 人在使用应用

5 years ago I posted a 1 star review. Since then the app has gone from bad to great and we are now very happy with it. Also the support is great and acts fast on any issues

接近5年 人在使用应用

This app helps a lot as we have a larger amount of variances for size and color options than Shopify will allow. They need a way to add sku numbers for every item.

Astrodurance, LLC
接近5年 人在使用应用

I love the customer support for this app, the agents were very helpful and talked me through testing as well as setting up. That alone is the best reason to choose this app! This app has been very helpful in creating options for products. The reason for my 4 stars is I'd like to see more customization options tot be competitive with other apps.

4年多 人在使用应用

I like that your team is quick to respond and help. However the things that your team solve are not to what I really want. Now there is a new issue: The delivery date, message card and special remark are not showing in the customer order.

Floral Singapore
4年多 人在使用应用

We have had an online store for about 15 years with 3dcart and I was used to their flexible and fairly powerful product options. It was a shock to come to Shopify and find this aspect of products so extremely limited--almost non-existent! Infinite Options helped us achieve very nearly the same kind of product variation that we had at 3dcart (and that we *need* to have).

My very favorite thing about Infinite Options is the "conditional logic" you can apply to options. This allowed us to make some definite improvements over what we have had all these previous years. Love it!

I will also say a word about the support. I got into several chats with ShopPad support and overall they were very helpful, sometimes awesomely so. THANKS!

I think my main frustrations came from thinking things needed to be one certain way. But once I came with workarounds, I realized that the vision I had wasn't necessarily the only or even best way to approach the issues. So, at this point, I don't have any serious complaints. Honestly, it's Shopify that needs to improve and offer more flexible & powerful possibilities to their products.

Murchison Drilling Schools
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