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Infinite Options

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Doesn't work out of the box. Prices don't update when an option is selected. If you want to use an option with a price, you have to connect to an item and you can only use that item's price (no custom price / discount for it being an add-on). Even then, the price doesn't actually change - on the listing, the cart, or anywhere else once you've done so. You also can't hide the "option" item by unpublishing it or it won't work correctly. So you end up cluttering your cart with items that aren't relevant to customers and priced incorrectly as stand-alone items. It is laggy - front end and back end. Support is only available sometimes. Anything beyond the most basic functionality you must code through their API or pay someone else to code. I'm not sure what we're paying for.

Mechanical Keyboards
11天 人在使用应用

Only issues with this personalization app. It isn't compatible with LITERALLY anything and support "cannot do something about it"...

What am I paying for then?

Go with another app if you have the choice you will regret installing this one

6个月 人在使用应用

Never experience any worst app than this. Disgusting app and worst support service. Don't try it all otherwise you'll regret.

2天 人在使用应用

Absolutely garbage. Everyday there is something wrong. One day the price’s dont change, one day the text in the box aren’t centered, and today all the options disappeared.

It’s affecting our business. Moving on to a different app.

Klondike AC
24天 人在使用应用

bad customer service. they dont even check before deploying css on the website. the option is going out of the screen. What a bad service and bad app. Ridiculous and frustrating.

1年多 人在使用应用

Unfortunately this app just doesn't meet our needs. While the options sync well within the platform and the price does adjust on the product page, when added to cart, it creates multiple products within the cart which is much too confusing for the customer. If you're just looking for an app that can create bundles, this will work well for you. If you have a complex product with many different variants, this app sadly falls short.

Unmeasured Events
2天 人在使用应用

Found out it does not sync with inventory.

From the Infinite Options FAQ page:
"At this time, Infinite Options is not able to track inventory. Our preferred workaround is to use Shopify variants to track inventory and then use Infinite Options for the additional fields that don't need to be tracked in inventory."

Tee Time Caddie
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I disabled this app a year ago. It is uninstalled from my website. 2 days ago, the old options just magically appeared on my product pages and I cannot remove them. It is causing an incredibly poor customer experience, and creating an order fulfillment NIGHTMARE!!!!

Something Personalized
接近5年 人在使用应用
ShopPad Inc.已回复 2023年6月12日

Hello team,
Infinite Options does not automatically install on your theme or leave any lingering code. Once the app is uninstalled, the options will no longer display. We have reached out via email a few times, so please respond to so we can assist with troubleshooting.

Annette (Director of Customer Success)


The App used to work very well, now there's a BUG, I can't create any new product sets, and there's no live support, it has been like that for 2 days, VERY DISSAPOINTED! if you release a product make a proper QA.

Tailored Canvases
接近4年 人在使用应用

Used to work extremely well, Currently I'm loosing money as the app has decided it no longer wants to include the additional charges to the product variants. Its also adding x2 of the product add-ons? Then advising the customers its out of stock.

West Coast Collarz
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