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The help received for this app is great. I think it's easier to add drop down menus. The only problem I have is that there's no option to add the actual colours next to the names as well as calligraphy next to the names - the biggest problem I have is qty's. If a customer buys certain qty's the price goes down, but with this app I cant offer that. No choice for now, I have to start slowly. But staff is very helpful walking me through the procedures needed.

Bonbonniere Karism
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Great app!
A support team reactive and pro-active that helps to fix whatever issue!
The app works all thru the flow
I really recommand it

Test Origama
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Needed a way to get more options and conditionals through our POS app. Infinite Options delivered on those features! There was an instance of needing further development help however, that may seem to be an issue on Shopify's end.

Primetime Colors
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Great app at allowing multi options. We use it to allow for personalised products, fits in well with the theme.
Lost a star as sometimes the information doesn’t pull through and we have to contact the customer, which isn’t the best.
Easy enough to install though, and we can do other work around if needed. Thanks from Mad Eye Gifts Team.

Mad Eye Gifts
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ShopPad Inc.已回复 2019年4月10日

Hi Team,

​Thank you so much for being a member of the ShopPad family for so many years!

To resolve the issue with your slight delay before your options display on your product page, we recommend you add this snippet of code:

It will help prioritize Infinite Options as one of the first apps that load on your page.

To resolve the issue with not always receiving customer selections, we recommend that you disable any quick buy buttons on products that use Infinite Options, these buttons will bypass the product page and any customization fields so the product is added directly to cart.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or if you would like our help adding the code for faster loading and we will be happy to help!

Team ShopPad


This app has been incredibly useful to gain the flexibility we needed to sell our products. The team were really helpful and were able to help us make the changes we needed to achieve the results we were going for. Would gladly recommend this to anyone looking to add different variables to their products.

Street Posters
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Given me more options.....a lot of potential! allow for a better customer choice and therefore experience. Thumbs up !!

Paul Liggins Art
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I used this app to provide quick visual of all options for a product. It is stable and nice to use. I would like to be able to add a small image to each option set

Sensation Ride™ Saddles
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Just started using the app, so don't know the full potential yet, thus only 4 stars. I have tested several bundling apps, and usually don't get responses to my questions until after I've gone to bed, if at all! I really appreciate the immediate response and customer support I've received so far from this app.

The Stitchin' Den
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Using this app to add another pricing variable addon to the product. Excellent customer service and follow up when I needed help. Almost a 5.

Mad Hatter Online Store
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I only use this app for 2 of my products as shopify doesn't provide enough options. Works well, my one niggle is that it can take a few moments to load the options on the page which doesn't make for a completely a seamless experience. Overall easy to use, set up and their customer service is great.

Vice Sport
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ShopPad Inc.已回复 2022年10月25日

Hello team!
Thank you very much for taking the time to leave your honest feedback.
We recommend that you follow the steps in this document to remove the slight delay before the options display: or reach out to our support team ( and we will be happy to help add the code through a collaborator's request.

-Annette (Director of Customer Success)