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Product Designer by Storex

Product Designer by Storex

Developed by Storex

Price: $18.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Allow your customers to design and buy mugs, T-shirts, phone cases, greeting cards, or virtually any other product in your store.
  • Give customers an easy way to create custom products in your store. Outline the area they can edit and let them apply custom text or graphics to it.
  • In the admin you get both the original max quality files and the preview file (as designed and seen by customers). A fully Web2Print ready solution.

Go to our live demo to see how sleek and UX-friendly our editor is!

The list of features currently available in the application is not final, we’ve got plenty of them in the pipeline and will be adding them on the way. But this should not, by any means, make you hold off using our app as we do know what we are doing - we’ve got 5+ years of experience in developing custom designer solutions.

Our Features


Your customers can:

1. Upload their images (using drag and drop!) on to the products or use clipart uploaded by admin.

2. Rotate, resize or bring objects to front/back.

3. Use multiple layers: several objects in one printing area.

4. Choose from .jpg, .gif, and default image formats.

5. Upload images from Instagram and other social network account (coming soon).

6. Choose from previously uploaded images if needed (coming soon)

7. Upload images from categories created by admins (coming soon)


Your customers can:

1. Add multiline text, specify text font and color.

2. Align text (left, center, right).

3. Add custom shadow to the text.

4. Rotate and resize text.

5. Add multiple text objects to one printing area of the product.

6. Choose from a default set of fonts.

7. The admin can upload or delete fonts. (coming soon!)

8. The admin can set maximum text length for each product template separately (coming soon!)

9. The admin can enable/disable text color picker and manage available colors (coming soon!)


1. Your customers can easily manage layers by drag and drop (coming soon).

Order Management

1. Let customers preview their custom products in the shopping cart.

2. Let a logged-in user edit a previously purchased or saved custom product and/or re-order it.

3. Download the preview file designed by customers.

4. Download high-resolution originals of the images uploaded by customers.


1. Customize the look-and-feel of the image editor (coming soon).

2. Define a rectangular area of the product template customers can add graphics/text to.

3. Upload your own clipart that can be used for custom designs.

4. Publish a set of requirements to user-uploaded graphics (coming soon).

5. Have customers check a checkbox confirming they have read your technical requirements and that their image is compliant (coming soon).

6. Allow customers to share their custom products on Facebook, Google + or in email (coming soon).

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If you need a custom product designer that integrates beautifully with your theme, then this is the app for you!

We've tested several different apps that all claim to do the same thing, but this one absolutely stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Some of the other apps out there take ages to load, are ugly and are difficult to use. But not this one.

It's beautiful.
It's lightweight.
And most importantly, it's intuitive.

And the cherry on the cake is that all the links to the previews and artwork are included in the fulfillment emails to our suppliers!

$18.99 / month
14 days

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