Custom Registration Fields

Custom Registration Fields

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Add new customer fields to registration form

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Get Custom Data

With 13 different field types, you can make the registration form to gather personalized data from customers.

Pursue Minimalist Design

By creating dependable fields, you can show/hide additional fields only if relevant to a preceding field.

Know Your Customer

Acquiring additional information with the help of personalized fields can help knowing your customers more.

Su Custom Registration Fields

With the Custom Registration Fields app, you can add personalized options to collect useful information from customers during their registration. By using the 13 different field types, you can add fields to taking data in specific formats. For example, asking customers about multiple selects, uploading files, and picking a date or time, etc. Save space on the registration form by creating conditional fields that are interdependent. Mark the field mandatory for acquiring the essential information about your customers. A redirection option is also provided to help you engage customers after their sign-ups. The custom registration fields appear in both, my account section for customers and backend for the admin.

Features List

  • Add unlimited fields to the registration form
  • 13 different field types to use
  • Conditional fields to create dependable fields
  • Mark the fields mandatory or optional
  • Additional fields display in customer accounts
  • Admin also has access to view additional data
  • Set redirection for customers after registration
  • Fields Validations

Customize Registration Form by Fields

The app allows you to add custom options to the registration form to make it easier for the customers to answer. You can either make the sign-up forms brief and compact or comprehensive to get the required data from customers.

Use 13 different field types

A variety of field types gives you the freedom to add any option that provides the simplest user experience to your customers in entering data. You can have

  • Text Box
  • Text Area
  • Select Box
  • Multi-Select Box
  • Single Check Box
  • Radio Button
  • Numeric Field
  • Heading
  • Message
  • Time Picker
  • Date Picker
  • Color Picker
  • File Upload

Create dependable fields

The app helps you relate fields with other options so that the additional fields appear only when required. For example, if a customer agrees to share contact details, display options for cell phone, email, and physical address.

Mark the Fields mandatory

To ensure the collection of significant data from customers, you can mark the fields mandatory.

Additional fields display in customer accounts

The customers can view the additional registration fields and his/ her responses to them even after signing up for an account. It appears in their 'My Account' pages.

Admin can also view custom fields

Your store admin can also view the information collected through custom registration fields to utilize it in creating campaigns, promotions, deals and discounts, or improving the product.

Set redirection for customers

Take your customers to the most converting pages of your online store upon their successful registration. Use redirections to keep them engaged in browsing the products and categories of your store.

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