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18 februari 2024

I added a Column for Reseller Certificate, it only allows images of upto 2mb to be uploaded, most people would just snap a picture of the document and try to upload it. It should be atleast 5mb given the quality of todays phone camera.

Singleton software svarade 26 februari 2024

We are so sorry about this situation. We plan to make this upload limit higher in near future. If you will need any other help, just write us to support@singleton- software.com

Best regards,
Adam from Singleton software

12 augusti 2020

There is no possibility to add the costumers' date of birth. I needed also to change the information form, but I could not do that using this app.

12 månader användning av appen
Singleton software svarade 14 augusti 2020

its no problem to make date format field, or add any information to registration form in your store. I wrote you email too about it. If you will need, just answer to my email, or write me to support@singleton-software.com and i will help you.

Best regards,

24 januari 2021

Was not able to save entries made by a customer during registration. Completely defeated the purpose of the app.

12 dagar användning av appen
Singleton software svarade 26 januari 2021

we are so sorry you had problem like this. It was probably because of conflict between app and your custom store functionalities. If you will need help with app or make fix for it, you can write us to chat support (located inside app), or to email support@singleton-software.com

Best regards,

20 maj 2022

I wanna be able to have the form as a button it only allows as a customer registration. I have online courses that i'm looking to use this form as application for enrolment.

Her Royal Hair
Ungefär 3 timmar användning av appen
Singleton software svarade 25 maj 2022

we are so sorry this app do not fit your requirement exactly. You can write us your idea and describe us what you need to achieve and we will do the best to make it. Please write us to support@singleton-software.com and we will write you back about it.

Best regards,
Adam from singleton software