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  • MORE OPTIONS: Choose from our catalog of over 500 products.
  • BETTER PRICING: We have better pricing than any other fulfillment service on Shopify.
  • FASTER PRODUCTION: On Demand order fulfillment in 1-4 business days.

CustomCat handles all of your merchandise and physical product fulfillment needs by offering over 350 styles of t-shirts, hoodies, embroidered hats, bags and more! We are located in the heart of Detroit, Michigan and have over 15 years experience in custom product decoration.

How Does It Work?

  • Upload your designs for DTG printing, embroidery and more.

  • Select from hundreds of product styles and color options.

  • Set your prices above the base cost to determine your profit margins.

  • Save and export products to your Shopify store with one click.

On Demand Fulfillment

When your customer places an order, CustomCat automatically fulfills and ships the order within 48 hours. Products ship in a "white labeled" package with your company information. Shipping costs $3.99 in US + $1.50 per additional shirt.


  • Unisex T-Shirt - $6.00

  • Unisex LS T-Shirt - $11.00

  • Pullover Hoodie - $18.50

  • Crewneck Sweatshirt - $18.00

  • Ladies T-Shirt - $10.00

  • Unisex Tank Top - $10.00

  • Men's V-Neck - $11.00

  • Embroidered Flat Bill Snapback Hat - $13.64

  • Embroidered Baseball Cap - $11.22

  • Embroidered Sweat Pants - $17.20

  • Embroidered Tote Bag - $14.69

(This is a small sample of our products. Pricing includes decoration. Add $5 for back print.)

CustomCat Fulfillment reviews

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I have had them a few weeks and uploading products sometimes is so time consuming the products don't always load properly. the process time to be more realistic is not 48 hours. rep said usually takes 3-5 days Monday thru Friday. had an order take 12 days to get shipped.


CustomCat is the absolute best Print-on-Demand company we have ever dealt with. Their customer service is superb, and they are not only fast at responding, but some of the upper management and company presidents will even keep in touch with us to make sure everything is going exactly as planned.

Sure, there are times when things don't go as planned, but that's to be expected. Even so, CustomCat has the lowest "screw-up" rate compared to any other Print-on-Demand company out there, and for that I am very thankful.

We have been using CustomCat to fulfill our customers' orders for almost a year now, and we have never received any negative feedback, bad reviews, or negative ratings from any of our customers.

If you are looking for a fast, reliable, high-quality print-on-demand company with the best pricing, best customer service, and the most products, then CustomCat is exactly what you need.


I can not install your application


Sometimes they are very good. They promise 24 to 48 hours ship times but I have apparel that is already 11 days and they have not even shipped it yet. I have emailed them and called them and they just tell me they are working on it. I really don't understand why they don't do anything about this. Hopefully they ship it out on day 12.


So when you join the POD "Print on Demand" world, one of the main things you want and hope for are happy customers. And thats what we have. We are happy with Custom Cat's integration to our store helping us grow our brand. Just to give you some examples of why we like working them: We don't need to worry about customer service, updating orders with status / track numbers, or shipping. Plus they literally have 100's of items we can use our designs on. Another huge benefit for us is new Facebook Messenger integration that sends status updates to our customers real time, giving us more time to focus on new designs / new markets with are team. You want a services that can meet your needs and willing to take your feedback. That's what we have with them. Mike one of their Customer Service Manager always answers the phone, happy, and goes the extra mile to help!!! Love that. When I have a question or feedback regarding new product lines Custom Cat takes the feed back and follows up. I look forward to some of the new lines we talked about today February 1, 2017. Knowing Custom Cat is focus both on me the merchant and my customers will keep us working with them for many moons to come. Just in case any one is wondering further check out the many facebook groups that talk heavily about POD Fulfillment Services. People all over the world are using them, and I am happy to have them in my corner as well. Thanks guys for everything!!!!!



Awful. You have to give a credit card or PayPal before you can even VIEW the app for the trial period. Then it is still virtually impossible to locate the products just to see the catalog of what they offer. The only thing I could design was a t-shirt - and then you have to upload the design before you even see the shirt. SMH Uninstalling does NOT cancel the subscription. You have to email with receipts and all this crap just to cancel it. Not sure how they consider themselves the #1 Shopify app when their reviews are so terrible. Sticking with Gooten and Printful


I have been using Customcat for my shirt & hoodie orders. I have never had a problem and have had no complaints from my customers.

I will continue to use their service.


Shipping very low (fullfilment over 1 week ) . Don't use it


Total trash. Shopfiy should have higher standards than this!!!


Horrible... Can't get anyone of the phone or any help via email. I have been trying to cancel my account for days...


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