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10. prosinec 2018

CustomCat really works very badly. An order of more than 1 month does not ship. When contacting support is only answered through the loudspeaker, there is no responsibility. Continuing to ship orders but after more than a week still not shipping orders. In addition, continually deduct 2 times for each order while the system records once, asking support is shirking responsibility.
Indeed, CustomCat is too bad, too disappointing about how it works and supported.

Doba používání aplikace: 12 měsíci
Datum úprav: 24. září 2019

Product after product with issues. Colors nowhere close to submitted artwork, prints off center. 7 of 8 items on last order were flawed. Customer service is slow-to-non-existant. Made me jump through hoop after hoop and each time they admitted the print was sub par. Still argue about refunding me. No longer worth the effort. I only wish these reviews allows submission of photos to show the final products. I'm sure CC is thrilled thats not possible.
Placed sample orders with Printful and the quality was night and day. The colors with printful were way more accurate and print location was spot on. Posted a blind comparison in the CC users forum and was removed from the forum. Beware before hitching your POD business to Custom Cat.

Buzzkill Brand
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29. květen 2023

I got 2 orders but only ended up for me refunding them because custom cat did not receive the orders on their end. Also, when I tried placing a manual order from my portal, their payment processor would not accept my payment whether I use Paypal or a credit card.

Infinite Division
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9. srpen 2020

The app is easy enough to use and they have a good array of products, but their print quality in TERRIBLE. They put so much starch on the fabric that the ink just bleeds everywhere. Then they shove it in a bag without letting it dry and the prints get stuck together.
I’ve used several drop ship printers and Customcat is, by far, the worst.

Pepper's Place Gift Shop
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Doba používání aplikace: 10 měsíci
Vývojář Bespoke Technologies odpověděl 20. srpen 2020

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! We're truly sorry to hear that your experience hasn't been great, but we hope to improve it moving forward.

We'd like to ensure the quality of the products, as well as our services, are up to CustomCat's standards. I noticed our team is already in contact with you about the product quality concern.

If there's anything we can help with or if you have any concerns, feel free to contact me directly at

7. březen 2020

The design creation is EXTREMELY time consuming. You have to download their templates to use. It would be really nice if they had design software built into their app. These extra steps mean I'd have to charge exorbitant fees to my clients for their products in order to even make any money.

Apple Blossom Kennels & Country Clips Pet Grooming
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Doba používání aplikace: 10 měsíci
Datum úprav: 16. srpen 2019

I have ordered 3 production apparel items and yet to have a good experience with them. Their product line is sub-par and the print quality is rather poor (you get what you pay for - cheap cheap). Printing is inconsistent and off register. Each order has taken 3-4 weeks.

Paddle Wear & Gear
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30. leden 2019

I just received my product samples today and I'm really disappointed with the quality :(

1. The colour of the fabric seems to bleed through the design, so the parts that are meant to be white take on the colour of the fabric underneath.

2. I ordered a Gildan Ladies 100% cotton T-shirt but the material was very rough and almost had a cardboard texture to it. It is also boxy and not slim fitting at all like shown in the mockups.

3. The tag on one of the T-shirts is completely dried up and you can't make out what it is saying at all.

4. The placement of the logo on the tank top is completely off. It is meant to be on the left pocket area but it's on my tummy area. On the mockups the placement looks fine but not on the actual product.

I have read all the other 1 - 3 star reviews and I agree with a lot of what other people are saying about the customer service. It takes them days to respond to you if at all...

I feel like if you want to build a long lasting brand you shouldn't use custom cat because of their unreliability. There are so many cases of the same thing happening time and time again with CustomCat so I definitely think that it's a problem that they can't deliver what they promise.

I will probably be looking for other POD companies. Really disappointed because I need to push back my launch date now :(

Momo the Corgi
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Vývojář Bespoke Technologies odpověděl 11. březen 2019

Hi! There is a lot to unpack here. I am not saying that there was not a screw up on your only order, but I assure you this is the exception, not the rule. First off, we have amazing customer service. They work all work week and the occasional weekend (busy times) and we will ALWAYS replace an order for free if the shipment has any issues at all. You just need to email us at our support line. I couldn't find any emails from you, but if you contact us, we can look into the underlying issue. Also, the Gildan Ladies 100% cotton T-shirt is one of the most popular SKUs world wide. If you dont like the feel of this SKU, we have thousands of others you can choose from.

Datum úprav: 20. listopad 2020

I am an advanced user, but this app is horrible. I accidentally processed an order, contacted customer service, and placed another order. However, the canceled order still shows in process 4 days later (that is canceled) and the second order is no where to be found. I find it very hard to contact customer service and trying to process manual orders is a nightmare.

Dog Sportwear
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Doba používání aplikace: 8 měsíci
Vývojář Bespoke Technologies odpověděl 20. listopad 2020

Hello! I see our support cancelled and issued a refund request within 6 minutes from the time the order you accidentally submitted was processed. Thats good because we often ship orders the same day they are processed so I'm glad support was so quick to help. The next shopify order ( 1056 ) did not have CustomCat as the vendor so it could not process. Please click the manual orders tab in your navigation to view info about orders you placed manually through the app. Your shopify orders show in your account dashboard under view all but manual orders placed through the app live in the Manual Orders tab. I'm Mike Blotkamp and I'll give you a call today to clarify any questions.

Datum úprav: 4. září 2018

About 50% of our orders were printed incorrectly...Some were crooked, others placed in an incorrect position. Customer service was very hard to deal with. Our entire experience was so bad that we would not promote the sales of our shirts. The errors were not on our end with the printing problems. We wasted a lot of money waiting for CustomCat to get the printing problems fixed. Just when we thought it was fixed there were more horribly printed shirts. It was so bad we had to call every single customer and ask if their shirt was printed correctly. You talk about time consuming. We had NO faith in the product through CustomCat. We wasted not only money, but a lot of time that we could have been building a strong customer base. We have found an EXCEPTIONAL t-shirt print company. Please don't waste your time with this company.

2steel Girls
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Doba používání aplikace: 7 měsíci
Datum úprav: 4. leden 2020

I started using CusdtomCat when I first opened my store in August. At first seemed good. Orders reached customers in 5-7 days. Then on my test orders noticed images cracking and fading after just 2-4 washings. Then starting around holidays orders were taking 8-14 days to get processed. I understood that processing may take a little longer during the busy season but 10 days to get it processed when they say the average time is 2-3 days. I still have one that is going on 17 days that is unfulfilled. I tried canceling the order at the customer request as it was taking so long and he still had no tracking number. But it said it was in processing and could not be canceled. That was 14 days ago. Also, at one point during the holidays you could not even access the app or upload new designs. I contacted their customer support asking when orders would be processed. The auto response said it would respond in 24 business hours. I usually got what appeared to be cut & paste response in about 4-5 days which said it is the busy time of the year and processing time takes a little longer, then it was we updated our machines to process things in ½ a day. But apparently not my orders. Why would you upgrade the machines during the rush season-shouldn’t have been done before or after the season. Then got an email that apologized for the down equipment and would start getting orders out faster. Nope. Had order placed after this email and it is still there 10 days after order was placed. I am currently looking at other POD options as CustomCat failed me just as I was starting to get my business up and running right at my first Christmas season. Not to mention the refunds I gave while orders “processing” and telling customers to keep the shirts once they arrive just save bad reviews while my business is still in its infancy.

Dwarven Widgets
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