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29. Mai 2023

I got 2 orders but only ended up for me refunding them because custom cat did not receive the orders on their end. Also, when I tried placing a manual order from my portal, their payment processor would not accept my payment whether I use Paypal or a credit card.

Infinite Division
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11 monate mit der App
8. März 2023

We wish the customer service would answer questions that were asked. Here were the three questions that we asked the last time:

1) read somewhere that says that shipping rates to Canada have changed. Correct?

2) In one of your tutorial videos, it says you [MUST] have a US return address. How is that going to work for non-US-based companies like ours (we are in Canada)?

3) We also find that the "Design Library" within Customcat is rather limiting. Same as mockup options. Can one make the designs from say "Placeit" and have the designs imported into Customcat directly?

The following is the triggered long-winded corporate sermon received, providing an answer to a question that wasn't asked. When we told them we were disappointed that they didn't answer any of the questions asked. We received no further response. Unfortunately, this wasn't the first time an answer was provided to a question that wasn't asked.

"We don't return items for fail deliveries outside of the USA.

"If you are operating your business outside the United States of America or do not wish to receive any returns to your address, please enter our address in your app settings:

"1300 Rosa Parks Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48216

"If a package is returned to CustomCat, for whatever reason including being undeliverable, it will be donated upon receipt. We will not be contacting you if your customer returns a package for any reason. No package should ever be returned, by your customer, to our fulfillment center.

"Our receiving department is here to get the blank product on the floor for decoration. We are not the intermediary between the customer and the seller so be sure to update your FAQs, return policies, etc. Your customers should never ship their decorated orders back to Detroit for any reason. It is very important that you reform your store's Return Policy. Any arrangements for returns, or exchanges, consistent to your posted policies on your websites, need to be handled between the buyer and the seller.

"We understand the importance of having a variety of options available for designing products and creating mockups, and we appreciate your feedback.

"To address your concern, many merchants use third-party applications such as and to create product mockups. After creating the products, you can update them at any time within your ecommerce back end in the products section."

Science & Nature Co.
7 tage mit der App
Bearbeitet am 5. März 2019

We have many customers who receive items that we do not even offer from CustomCat. Many customers do not receive the items at all. Many customers report that the print washes off after one wash. Don't even try to reach out to customer support, it's pointless. After selling 3000 shirts through CustomCat, this will be our last year using their service.

UPDATE: When we requested refunds for the countless amount of misprints/unshipped orders, this was Custom cat's response:

First of all, I actually do get to make that decision. This is our policy. We have a 100% replacement policy. We made an exception to this for the holiday season for unique orders. Second of all, I hope you understand that this is a partnership here. We expect you to give respect to us just like we give respect to you. This is a professional, mutually beneficial business relationship. Thirdly, to reiterate, I HAVE refunded you for this order. Starting next week though, we are back to the normal replacement only protocol. You also, normally, need to provide us with a picture of the defective garment.

If you do not understand this policy, I would have you STRONGLY reconsider working with us, because if you dispute charges because you want to and you disregard our policy on refunds, we have the right to close your store down.


Rival Gear
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Bespoke Technologies hat geantwortet 4. März 2019

Hi. I am sorry you experienced this. We are very proud to operate at a 1% replacement rate so for every 100 order you may or may not get one order that needs to be replaced. Although, we are always working to bring this number down due to improved processes. As for customer service, we have a support team AND a customer service team. Both teams will respond to you in no more than 24 hours (48 around Christmas time).

18. Dezember 2019

I really want to like this company, I do. I want to use them. But heres the problem. Black Friday I had an order come through, two items, both t-shirts. According to their company policy, it can take up to 10 business days, but generally takes less. Heres the problem, today is the 13th business day and the order is still not done. I've called them, contacted them through the app and they basically tell me that we had "more orders than expected on Black Friday and that the item did not pass quality control." Okay, that would be fine for the first 10 business days, but seriously? If you manufacture t-shirts, how exactly do you manage to screw it up that many times that it doesn't pass quality control? Additionally, its not even a custom design, its a standard design that countless people are selling on t-shirts. At this point, it just looks like there making excuses and they can't even tell me when the order is going to ship. It's so disappointing, especially since I bought the paid plan. Yet, on top of all of this, I have gotten chewed out by the customer big time and likely lost a valuable customer. My store isn't built on the Custom Cat app. I used the app for additional products (we manufacture and sell cigars!), so I don't rely on traditional advertising to obtain customers (were prohibited from doing so)- based on that, loosing a customer, especially based on how hard we've worked, because a company can't meet its obligations is just wrong. I'm tempted to call and check the status again today, but honestly, I'm really getting tired of their excuses, its old!

Frontline Cigars
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Bearbeitet am 8. Januar 2020

CustomCat is the WORST EXPERIENCE our company has ever had with a Shopify related app or product.

CustomCat product quality is horrific and the printing is amateurish at best. There is literally no quality control whatsoever. We lost hundreds of customers before finally switching to professional fulfillment companies that actually care about the store owners they sell to. CustomCat does not care at all.

If you care about your own customers, you'll want to avoid all CustomCat products. Whatever amount of time it takes to switch to another app, do it and do it now! The app is deceptive in the sense that you can create products faster with this app than many of the other fulfillment apps on Shopify.

The problem is absolutely horrific product quality matched by poor customer service. Again, hands down the worst customer experience we've ever had via Shopify. We're actually surprised Shopify is still sponsoring this app - it reflects poorly on them too.

Don't be fooled by CustomCat low prices. This is a case study for "you get what you pay for." And in the case of CustomCat you'll get zero value, lose customers and deal with one customer service nightmare after another.

RUN AWAY from this horrible company and their app!

Need proof?

Call CustomCat during normal business hours and ask a basic question about any product.

You'll have all the proof you need. Again, don't walk away from this app, RUN!

DO THE MATH: CustomCat has Fifty-four 1-star reviews out of 505 total reviews as of this writing. 10% ONE-STAR reviews!

Compare that to an average app of 1-1.5% one-star reviews across all of Shopify.

Run-away from this company!

EMS Flight Safety Network
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23. Dezember 2019

This company doesn't care, I'm a long term seller and most of my orders are not made in a time frame that they promise, also they use UPS for shipping which takes a lot more time and lost packages. They don't answer on my mails and pleads to send out already, a few orders were over 14 days and still not done, I don't get my money back, if the customers wants to return the product it goes to charity, it's a let down! Products get bad reviews and I wouldn't recommend it long-term to nobody. This is my one and only bad review ever, I've recieved many bad ones because of this company. Stay away is my advice. Other honorable mentions, some mugs are blurry, some crooked and poor prints go through quality check like it's perfect, app has it's own problems with not working or unable to upload new designs etc...i could write a novel, the biggest problem and dissapointment is customer support and no priority when they screw up the product and has to be remade, it takes weeks.

Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
6. Oktober 2017

The customer service is terrible. I don't how else to explain. Quality of the products are OKAY. Not steller. But just hope you don't have any issues. Customer service is 1 star with this company. In response time and help.

Je Graphics
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Fast 2 jahre mit der App
Bearbeitet am 4. März 2019

We started using this app for their wide selection, but after literally every single order having issues (I never knew how many new issues could be present with each order), we have pulled all but a small handful of their items from our store. The items we have left do not seem to have as many issues as others.

Overall, you're wasting time, stress, and money over an inferior product. Just use Printful, they have not messed up a single order.

EDIT BASED OFF OF RESPONSE: It was not fair of me to say that every order was wrong. I will note though, not every order with an issue was reported. However, what we quickly learned about CustomCat, was when a customer ordered an item from this vendor, we were crossing our fingers that their order would not have issues. On the flip side, Printful has a 100% success rate. We have not returned 1 Printful item.

Additionally, several of the "replaced" items had NEW issues. So some orders were replaced twice. Why on earth would we trust this vendor at that point? We want our customers to know that they will receive a quality product from a quality brand... and we were not that brand with CustomCat as a vendor.

I'm not leaving this review to be a jerk, just want a better product. I'll also say we have since removed every single CustomCat item from our online store in the past month or 2.

Haberle Congress Brewing Company
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Fast 2 jahre mit der App
Bespoke Technologies hat geantwortet 4. März 2019

Hi! I am sorry you had a poor experience using our app...After lookin at your account, I can see there were a few orders with issues, not all of your orders. The ones that did have issues were replaced on our behalf. We are great, but not perfect. We operate at 1% replacement rate this 1% contains any possible screw up. Also, over 95% of our orders leave our facility in 2-3 business days. Only in unique circumstances would something take longer than that.

11. September 2020

I used this app to upload and manage my designs. The application was very easy to use and very user friendly. The issue that I ran into was the long delivery time and the quality of the graphic print on fabric. None of the print that was placed on my t-shirts and hoodies looked crisp, even when I made sure that the resolution and dpi was correct and that the image was of high quality with basic colors. At first I thought it was a one time issue, but it continued with every order. The quality of the print just seemed to be sub par. In addition, the customer service seemed to be lacking. Many of the customer service reps seemed to be irritated by my discontent of their poor printing standards. Because of all of this, I do not recommend using this company for t-shirts, hoodies, and any other apparel.

A Hustler's Spirit
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Fast 2 jahre mit der App
Bespoke Technologies hat geantwortet 16. September 2020

Thank you for your review. I see your last order was submitted over 100 days ago but I do not see any support tickets, or seller support views in your order logs for any specific order issue? I'm Mike Blotkamp, one of the cofounders of CustomCat. Please email me the order info that concerns you and I will do my best to help. My email is Quality is very important to us too and I'm happy and available to address your concerns.

Bearbeitet am 14. Oktober 2019

My experience with Custom Cat has been very negative!

-I placed a sample order on September 21st (just ONE product)

-The order did not process until October 7th * (11 business days later)

-As of today, October 14th, sixteen business days after I placed my order I still have not received the order and Custom Cat has been less then helpful and they are very slow to reply to messages.

This is the second sample order that I have placed. The first order took a long time to arrive and I was very disappointed with the quality. I figured I would try another product and the experience has been even worse! I am so happy that they have shown me how they do business as I can avoid making a huge mistake with my company!

* There was NO communication on my delayed orders and my billing and address was were up to date.

The Layne
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Bespoke Technologies hat geantwortet 14. Oktober 2019

Hi Aimee - If we can not process an order for reasons like funds not available or a missing/incomplete address, we automatically alert you via email and the order is displayed in your error queue in your dashboard. The order you are referencing was processed on the 7th of this month. Its the 1st order using a new embroidery file so we paid to have that artfile digitized for embroidery. We ordered the hat on the 8th, it arrived on the 9th and was embroidered and shipped on the 10th. Please reference your CC, or shopify dashboard, for tracking because that order did ship last week. Our stated lead time is 2-3 business days but currently, our average fulfilment time is 1.5 business days.