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29 mei 2023

I got 2 orders but only ended up for me refunding them because custom cat did not receive the orders on their end. Also, when I tried placing a manual order from my portal, their payment processor would not accept my payment whether I use Paypal or a credit card.

Infinite Division
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8 maart 2023

We wish the customer service would answer questions that were asked. Here were the three questions that we asked the last time:

1) read somewhere that says that shipping rates to Canada have changed. Correct?

2) In one of your tutorial videos, it says you [MUST] have a US return address. How is that going to work for non-US-based companies like ours (we are in Canada)?

3) We also find that the "Design Library" within Customcat is rather limiting. Same as mockup options. Can one make the designs from say "Placeit" and have the designs imported into Customcat directly?

The following is the triggered long-winded corporate sermon received, providing an answer to a question that wasn't asked. When we told them we were disappointed that they didn't answer any of the questions asked. We received no further response. Unfortunately, this wasn't the first time an answer was provided to a question that wasn't asked.

"We don't return items for fail deliveries outside of the USA.

"If you are operating your business outside the United States of America or do not wish to receive any returns to your address, please enter our address in your app settings:

"1300 Rosa Parks Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48216

"If a package is returned to CustomCat, for whatever reason including being undeliverable, it will be donated upon receipt. We will not be contacting you if your customer returns a package for any reason. No package should ever be returned, by your customer, to our fulfillment center.

"Our receiving department is here to get the blank product on the floor for decoration. We are not the intermediary between the customer and the seller so be sure to update your FAQs, return policies, etc. Your customers should never ship their decorated orders back to Detroit for any reason. It is very important that you reform your store's Return Policy. Any arrangements for returns, or exchanges, consistent to your posted policies on your websites, need to be handled between the buyer and the seller.

"We understand the importance of having a variety of options available for designing products and creating mockups, and we appreciate your feedback.

"To address your concern, many merchants use third-party applications such as and to create product mockups. After creating the products, you can update them at any time within your ecommerce back end in the products section."

Science & Nature Co.
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5 oktober 2022

Their products are awesome, their prices are descent, but the strength of a company comes with their customer service and Custom Cat's customer service is absolutely horrible. (My Locker) The response is the slowest out of the 5 POD production partners that I work with. Their responses are unprofessional and exhibit a lack of company knowledge. As a business-to-business company, Custom Cat must increase their standards in order to compete. It is unfortunate that the frontline personnel that handle their business correspondence offset all of the hard work and professionalism they have with the manufacturing side of their business.

Mystic Blvd
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11 september 2022

I use customcat for their relatively fast turnaround on drinkware. Relatively fast unless their system auto-bans your design and you have to wait days for them to manually approve it. Their graphic printing on mugs is good in most cases unless it's a photo. In such a case do not use customcat because the print will be way too dark, no matter how many times they reprint it. There seems to be very little or no quality control in place for this. Their customer service speed is extremely poor and leaves much to be desired. In the fast-paced industry of POD taking days to answer customer service inquiries is simply unacceptable and this is outside of the holiday season. During the holidays just forget about contacting them for anything and expecting any reply. I've been using them for about 3 years, this has not improved in that time. Recently I've noticed they have software that has been banning designs from being sent into production until the designs are reviewed by their support staff. They of course do not notify you that your order has been stopped. Unless you check their production queue you will not know until the order is late or you receive an email stating your design has been approved. This review in my experience takes days for them to contact you with their verdict.

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Bewerkt 20 augustus 2021

We had many customers complaining about the ink being stuck together and the ink peeling off the shirts in the first wash and the overall print quality being very poor. We deleted the app.

Canyon Coolers
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11 juli 2021

Worst app frustrating. When selecting a product to design, you can't click on the selected tab because it's all so squished together that the tab gets hidden by the product beside it. Everytime I try to log into the app, it doesn't recognize me and then sends me into a repetitive cycle of logging in, multiple times in one session, then does not allow for products to be selected for store instead sends me to checkout.

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Bespoke Technologies heeft geantwoord 12 juli 2021

Hello - We think you may have installed our Shopify app and registered a manual order account using two different email addresses. I have not had any luck getting ahold of you so please, at you convenience, check in with me at or give us a call at 844 874 8623. Thank you!

7 juli 2021

got 1 order, 7 days later no order, no communication telling me the item was out of stock, I had to open a ticket just to find out 6 days later but my customer had to get refunded.

The Wolf Cartel
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Bespoke Technologies heeft geantwoord 8 juli 2021

Hi Wolf! Congrats on your 1st order and sorry it included an OOS variant which moved it to your error queue in your CC dashboard. I see this order was placed on July 2nd. These types of orders are super easy to manage in your CC dashboard. I think there is a misunderstanding here and I'm more than happy to help clear up any confusion. Please email me at with a phone number and good time to call you. I see you put a lot of work into your store and we would hate to lose you due to an OOS variant. BTW - merchants would rarely refund buyers in this situation. I'll explain more when we talk and I'll send you the link to the order management video tutorials from our website. Thanks man...look forward to chatting with you.

9 februari 2021

The printing quality isn't great at all, I've had two of my customers complain that there was some sort of issue regarding the quality. It seems as if Customcat is simply cutting corners when it comes to their printing process. I truly love the variety of clothing and colors they offer, and I hope they improve soon. On top of this, I tried the free trial for the paid plan and I canceled it right before it ended yet they are still charging me full price. I hope Customcat and fix the issues it's been faced with, and I wish them the best, but I simply cannot recommend their services to anyone at this point.

Blown Off Apparel
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App gebruikt gedurende 2 maanden
Bewerkt 1 februari 2021

I had to cancel an order that was placed accidentally. But, you can't cancel an order from the app, so I had to contact customer service. Customer service responded within 24 hours and said, "Order has been canceled and refunded as request. This credit should reflect in your account within the next 8 business days." That was 24 days ago. Still no refund. Contacted customer service again (36 hours ago), and zero response. Bottom line: app isn't very useful with key functionality missing, and customer service is helpless. No wonder their prices are so affordable.

Even Hand Clothing Co
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App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 2 maanden
Bespoke Technologies heeft geantwoord 1 februari 2021

Hello, thanks for the review. You actually can cancel in the dashboard before we process the order. You can also pause the order in your processed dashboard and email ( or call) support if we already processed the order. You wont always get an answer back on Sunday from our support team but I can confirm the refund has been processed on our side. Great job stopping the order before we started production and I'm sorry their was a delay in the bank refund. Our accounting gets jammed up shortly after xmas season.

31 januari 2021

Impossible to read the FAQs, especially the shipping prices as the pictures can't be loaded. Every time I try to upload a design, I get an error message with "your session has expired", but I'm still logged-in. Uninstalled right away.

App gebruikt gedurende 4 minuten
Bespoke Technologies heeft geantwoord 1 februari 2021

Hi Amelyia - the reason you are stuck is because you have not activated your account yet. In order for you to export products and for CustomCat to process your orders, you need to activate your account by completing the settings so we have your store name for the shipping label, payment info to process your orders and support email. Please click the red error bar across the top of your dash if your account isn't activated yet.