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Moda de la Rucci

Initally, I was excited about this company. My mother used them for her store then I decided to you use them. However, the last couple of orders for both of us have been horrible. Once I requested a replacement, it was never sent. A shipping label was created and it was supposed to arrive in 2 days for a client that was having a birthday party for her 12 year old daughter. After a few days, customer service finally wrote me back saying that the shirts were probably lost in production. Yes, I am receiving a refund but now I have lost a client. I am very disappointed.

The Parker Brothers Collection

I've used this app for 5 months. The quality of the apparel is great to me so far. The sizing seems a bit off. Larges fit like mediums and 2xl fit really bigger than the actual size. I gave it 2 stars because communication is just horrible. As a business who wants ppl to utilize their app, you would think that customer satisfaction would be a priority. It took a month one time for a response, 3 weeks, and 2 weeks. Every single rating lower than 5 star, ppl are complaining about the same thing, POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. When will this change custom cats?? I have a order inquiry still unanswered. I am missing 2 hats and a jeans shirt out of my recent order. My other recent order is missing 1 youth hat, like what the heck?? I am definitely searching for another app that can meet my needs. I LOVE PRINTFUL! Love that they have a online customer service where you can chat with a live rep, their app is dope, and they respond to emails right away! TAKE NOTES CUSTOM CATS!

Developer reply

March 24, 2021

Hi Mavis, I have enjoyed chatting with you. The reason you were not seeing our responses has been identified. Now that you corrected the spelling in your email address in your support settings, you will always see our responses. We average closer to 4 hours for responses, not 4 months. I'm available if you have any other questions regarding what you can and cannot do with your embroidery art files. Thanks again!

Nooks & Craft

Overall, the app is so frustrating to use. I tried to install on Shopify, didn't even work so I had to use the web version. Everytime I had to place an order, I had to recreate the design and the product because you cannot even save it. Orders say 3 business days for turnaround but oftentimes it took at least 5-7 days for them to ship it. Customer service is slow as a drunk dude, took at least 2-3 days to answer a question. They took the manual orders tab away recently, and now I can't even so the previous orders I made or the tracking numbers. Do better CustomCat.

Hijinx Java

Loaded app, attempted to follow instructions to configure shipping, but the instructions were outdated. Email support several time and never got a response so had to delete. Was super exited for the speed and the prices, but can't rely on a firm that zero support capabilities.

Mama's Lil Tshirt Shoppe

Choosing to use a new app during the busiest season of the year almost promises to be a disaster, but my POD was out of ornaments, and CustomCat had them, so I thought I'd give it a try. First two bulk orders were completed and shipped in super fast time, instilling a false sense of security. Then the problems started and haven't stopped. I'll break down all of the issues with this app to make this review as comprehensive and helpful as possible.
1) there are no status updates of your orders. If you place a manual order, just sit back and pray it gets shipped. You'll never know if it's in review, in production, etc. The only thing you'll know is that it's shipped.
2) They do not fill manual orders in the order in which they were received. If you have 20 manual orders, even if they're all for the same design, you never know which one will be filled first.
3) User friendly? Not in the least. My other POD app lets me select the product I need to order. I had to recreate the product for every order I needed. Is there another way? Maybe, but I never found it.
4) Consistency. I ordered 30 of the same design. They are in no way the same product. The hole for the ornament string is askew in a many of them, to the point of them being crooked. The design isn't centered on all of them. I spent $150 on an order that wasn't even close to being correct.
5) Response time. Took me 4 tries over 7 days to get support to answer ONE question. They still haven't responded to the above referenced issue.
6) Inability to view your orders. If you make a manual order, all that is there is the order number, and name. There are no links to click and see WHAT the order is, or confirm the order that arrived looks anything like the order you placed. Case in point today, I received an order and the hole for the ornament is in the person's head of the photo. I'm super certain that I didn't do a memorial ornament by hanging it from the deceased person's head.
7) There is no inventory tracking. The closest they come is letting you know a size is out of stock. You have no idea if they'll be able to fulfill any bulk orders of a certain product on Shopify, because there's no inventory listed. All in all, it's probably one of the worst apps out there for POD. When you receive an order that's wrong and you spent $150, you don't want to stew in anger for days on end waiting for any response. When you order 30 of the same design, you want 30 matching products. I will say the quality is very good when they're right and their shipping is very reasonable, especially for 2 day ground for bulk orders. I couldn't in good conscience recommend anyone use this app, though.

LaFaye Originals

I mean, it works. I initially downloaded the app because it had amazing tie-dye, but the thumbnails never work. The workspace is rough, needs a lot of updating. It's not as user-friendly as it could be. AND it no longer lets me update from the Shopify page?? Once I make a shirt, it's just made. Not editing. I have to recreate the item each time. Even to simply change the price.

Developer reply

October 22, 2020

Hi LaFaye! You can for sure make changes in shopify such as price edits, title changes, mock-up, etc. But you can't change the design placement after the product was created because its built into the sku number. Can we please work with you directly to overcome any obstacles you encountered? You can email me at You may have already worked with or utilized our general support at / We will always do our best to help!


Hard to navigate and figure out how to use. No help forum or anyone to talk to live for help. hARD TO UNDERSTAND

Developer reply

October 22, 2020

Thanks for the feedback. We have incorporated many new features into the interface since your last order. I agree, the changes can be unsettling at first but the new UX has so many powerful tools that make your job much easier. It's different but all the new features we added have been very well received by our community. We are happy to help get you acclimated. For starters, please check out these tutorials found in our blog : and be sure to join our private sellers group on FB : . I'm Mike B and I'm happy to help you personally. My office line is 844 874 8623 and my email is The holidays are coming so we want to do anything we can to help you add products to your store!

KAAPO Exchange

CustomCat products are a hit or miss. We had to drop another product because their print quality was horrible. We received a picture of a embroidered hat from a customer today that looked like someone just learned how to use the machine. We are a startup company and this isn't a good first impression to have, especially after the customer has been waiting two weeks for it to arrive. Do they not have someone QC the products before they are shipped?

Developer reply

January 17, 2020

Hey! I just want to say your store looks great! You have a ton of great designs that are conducive to embroidery, but the order I feel like you are referring to is a bit too complex to yield results you might want. It have 5 lines of text and a big circle. It is very difficult to allow that to fit within a 2.4 in. width....I am confident we can work with you, but would also love to go over this order with you in more details. You can reach me at I look forward to hearing from you :)

Remnt AE

CustomCat has quality dtg prints that looked great, something I would sell. The prints were a lot better than Printful's, but there delivery took 2-3 weeks to arrive. Printful's took 7 days, but the quality was poor and I would not sell what Printful sent me.

In summary: Good dtg prints, really slow fulfillment.

Developer reply

October 7, 2019

Thank you, for the nice compliment on our DTG printing. My name is Mike Blotkamp and I reviewed your order history. The reason this order took longer than our current 1.9 business day average can be attributed to the size of the order but more importantly, one of the shirts in your 1st order did not pass our stringent QC stations so we ordered a new blank shirt and reprinted before shipping. We think its better to wait a few extra days compared to sending an item we dont feel is up to yours or our standards so we paid to remake one of the shirts before it ships. Had that shirt passed QC, your order would have shipped in less than 3 business days because all the other shirts pieces in your order were ready to ship when one did not pass QC. Our stated lead time is 2-3 business days but 90% of our orders do ship in less than 3 days. I just checked todays production report and over 4,000 orders shipped today with less than one business day in production!!! Pretty sweet indeed. I'm confident if you place 9 more orders, even with the 1st order taking longer than usual, your average lead time with CC will be 2-3 business days or less once you have at least 10 orders orders under your belt and can accurately draw a fair conclusion for average lead time. We also invested $18mm in 2019 into new equipment and built a 125,000 square foot addition for the busy holiday season. Even during the weeks leading up to Dec 25th, you should expect production will average less than 3 business days! Stick around and hopefully you can update the 2 star review after a few more orders to see our average lead time. Thanks, for choosing CustomCat!

Battleship Beanery Coffee

I signed up with Custom Cat because of the reviews. Now I am beginning to regret it. 1st I ordered shirts for myself just to check out quality. I received 3 shirts, 1 of which should have NEVER passed quality control. The printing was TERRIBLE and looked like the printer was running out of ink. I sent multiple emails, newer received a reply, replacement or refund. I just ordered 2 more shirts which according to the app my store cost should have been $16 each, but I was charged a total of $42. Even with the additional shipping cost, my cost should not have been over $38. Prior to this, I have had orders rejected because the item was no longer in stock, but I was never notified and had to issue refunds. On another order for embroidery, I had to refund a cap, because my artwork could not be used for the logo, although I have used the same artwork for local embroidery. Not sure why there is a 4.5-star rating if Custom Cat is doing business like this. If you are using them for your store, you better double-check what you are being charged on your orders and definitely need to place a couple quality control orders to inspect what you are selling. Battleship Beanery

Developer reply

October 3, 2019

When designing shirts with a front & back print, there is a $5 added cost for the second location print. We found no record of any inquiry from the May order you referenced for the shirt you felt was not up to quality. We stand behind our service 100% and have an amazing track record for replacing any irregularity. Can you please email me direct at so we can address the shirt you are referencing? I'm sorry but there is just no way we could embroider the logo as submitted in the order we had to refund. When we chat, I'll be happy to explain why and walk you through our POD embroidery guidelines. We can also be reached by phone at 844 874 8623. Thanks!

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