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2.2 5つ星中


  • 評価の38%は5星です
  • 評価の0%は4星です
  • 評価の0%は3星です
  • 評価の0%は2星です
  • 評価の63%は1星です


8 レビュー


ロケーション 日本
アプリの利用時間 6ヶ月



ロケーション ラオス
アプリの利用時間 4日

The idea behind this app is great. However, there is issues with the loading/selecting collections, the buttons are unresponsive. Email the issue already, hopefully they can respond & resolve this in time.


ロケーション ベルギー
アプリの利用時間 7ヶ月

A very simple app. Does what it's supposed to do. No problems encountered. All prices are easy to adjust.


ロケーション カナダ
アプリの利用時間 28日

I would love to use this app but it isn't working with my shop. Neither 'load' buttons load the collections/items I want it to, and then after one click, the buttons are broken so I need to refresh the entire page to try again. I can't even tell you if the prices can be changed because I can't get the listings I want loaded. I sent in a message to support and it's been a full week with no response.


ロケーション アメリカ合衆国
アプリの利用時間 約1時間

Tremendous app. It does exactly what it needs to do. You are getting a great bargain for free! This will take care of any sales scenario you may run for a brief period of time.
Or long term.
I will be frequently using this for conversion testing.
Thank you so much.

EXIT - SmartBrands

ロケーション ペルー
アプリの利用時間 約2ヶ月

Awesome app!! It has help me a lot, saves a lot of time and the best part is that it's free! You only have to be very careful in what you are changing. Thank you very much guys.

Bicycle Garage

ロケーション 南アフリカ
アプリの利用時間 6分

Useless Program. Does not allow you to load specific products to adjust. Opens with default list and thats it.



This is actually incorrect. There are two buttons available: "Load Collection" and "Load Items" that allow you to filter on collection and products respectively. If you would like you can reach out to our customer support and we can help guide you to the features that you needs.


ロケーション エジプト
アプリの利用時間 約4時間

This App doesn't have a log of what it changed as well as it didn't change all my inventory and currently i don't know what have been chenged and what didn't