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Bulk price editor for discounts and edits

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Bulk Edit Prices

Easily modify any number products or variants in a few clicks. Adjustable parameters give you full control on your edits.

Easy Search and Filtering

Find and edit only the products that you want. You can use filters to specifically choose which product or select collections to edit.


Fast and easy to use, CustomEdit is fully international and will handle the rounding and nuances of your local currency

关于 CustomEdit

CustomEdit Bulk Price Editor

This app is all about simplifying the management of your products and their prices. It allows you to easily filter products or collections while providing flexibility on how you want to customize your price changes.

The application works by doing the following:

  1. Select Products By default the app will display all products, but you can easily choose collections or filter for specific products

  2. Change Prices The price change parameters allow you to specify the precision of your rounding as well as the percentage (%) change for your bulk editing. Before being saved, all price modifications are displayed and you can manually edit individual products.

  3. Save Changes Once price edits are satisfactory, just save all your changes and CustomEdit will handle the rest

This app is intended to help you manage your pricing and simplify product management. If you found this product helpful or have any suggestions and improvements we are always open to feedback.



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3.4 评分


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A very simple app. Does what it's supposed to do. No problems encountered. All prices are easy to adjust.


I would love to use this app but it isn't working with my shop. Neither 'load' buttons load the collections/items I want it to, and then after one click, the buttons are broken so I need to refresh the entire page to try again. I can't even tell you if the prices can be changed because I can't get the listings I want loaded. I sent in a message to support and it's been a full week with no response.


Tremendous app. It does exactly what it needs to do. You are getting a great bargain for free! This will take care of any sales scenario you may run for a brief period of time.
Or long term.
I will be frequently using this for conversion testing.
Thank you so much.