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14 de setembro de 2023

I found this app by accident. I was looking for something else and this app came up. And I am so glad I found it! This app has everything my customers were asking for: “where is my order”?, “can I have an invoice of my order”? “I can’t reset my password!”, and so on. I was able to solve my customers requests in literally few clicks with this app which is by the way very intuitive. I was also able to integrate my Aftership account so customers go straight to my tracking page (no more where is my order). I was able to integrate my Order printer pro app (so customers can view/download the invoice from their account (no more time spent with emails with invoices). Many customers send emails that they need to reset the password so now they can do it by themselves. What a dream app! Bear with me! The wishlist is a plus, and so is the recently viewed feature! As mentioned in one of the reviews below, you can choose what feature you want upfront and there is no hidden fees. Thanks to this app I was even able to create an app in Facebook so anyone who wants, can login using their Facebook account. All tutorials are very easy to understand and takes little time. The customer service is very helpful and quick to reply. This app is a dream come true to my business and customers! It’s also a 100% mobile friendly! Thank you so much for such a great job!

Cuddle Decor
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 6 horas usando o app
Froonze deixou uma resposta 15 de setembro de 2023

WOW! Thanks so much for such a glowing review! You truly made our day! :)

Data de edição: 23 de fevereiro de 2023

After I installed the app I immediately noticed the very good design and layout of the customers account page. Lots of functionality. Compatible with Multi languages like our store: everything translated in 20 languages (but this was a fair amount of work because you need to fill in the translations yourself in the relevant fields. Having said that: it all works flawlessly! Initially there was an issue with Social logins because we have multiple domains linked to our shopify account but this was sorted in less then a week. The only minus point is that for every functionality to become active, you need to pay extra, so therefore this app might end up not very cheap, but the charges are made very clear upfront and are not hidden: you can choose what you want to use and what not, therefore you control yourself your budget.

Barista och Espresso
6 meses usando o app
Froonze deixou uma resposta 25 de fevereiro de 2023

Thank you so much for your detailed review! Regarding our plugin system, our intention was to make the system flexible for the merchants. For example merchants can activate and pay for our social login plugin, but if not satisfied, they can also use another app.
We will also take you translations comment into consideration and will make default translations for the most popular languages so that merchants won't have to spend too much time translating the app.

16 de maio de 2023

Great customer support. I had a CSS issue that they fixed in less than an hour. Very fast turn-around. I also like that they offer a list of other apps that integrate into Customer Accounts Concierge so you can customize your customer experience quite a bit. There is so much that this app offers for customers including the ability to download PDF Invoices with certain apps which is very helpful for a B2B business.

Emerald Parts
Estados Unidos
10 meses usando o app
Froonze deixou uma resposta 17 de maio de 2023

Thanks so much for your review! We are so happy to hear our app's B2B functionality was useful for your store!

15 de janeiro de 2023

Javi and Max are the most helpful support people. I thought that I had a unique use case for Customer Accounts Concierge and didn't think I could use them. After downloading the app and testing things out, this app would be perfect if I could tweak a few things. I messaged support and not only did they respond quickly, they even found a solution to make my project more efficient/save me a lot of time. They taught me a lot about Meta fields and their use case. That completely blew me away on how customizable Customer Accounts Concierge can be. Javi and Max taught me a few lines of code/script and actually cared to. One of the best apps on the app store and I thank you all for being amazing.

Polymathing iO
Estados Unidos
7 meses usando o app
Froonze deixou uma resposta 15 de janeiro de 2023

Thank you so much for your review! Happy we could find a custom solution for your use case.

26 de outubro de 2022

Awesome customer service. Getting started is super easy. I love how well-written the documentation is. The custom pages are nice - I was able to create metafields for my customers and have them display extra information about customers on pages I created in their account login. I also find this app to be special in how tiered-out its pricing is. You only pay for what you need. Highly recommend.

Ways to Forget Plastic
Estados Unidos
6 meses usando o app
Froonze deixou uma resposta 26 de outubro de 2022

Thank you so much for your review! We are happy you found our technical documentation helpful. Custom pages can be quite a powerful tool in spite of their seeming simplicity.

9 de março de 2023

Really great interface that immediately matches the styling of your theme. With a little but of custom CSS we were able to make it into the layout we wanted. The support team are very helpful and quick to help out with your needs. We needed to change our thumbnails for our wish list as they were getting cropped and this was resolved in hours. Overall a really great app and an even better customer experience.

We Are Feel Good Inc.
4 meses usando o app
Froonze deixou uma resposta 9 de março de 2023

Thanks so much for your review! We are glad we could help you make the customer account page look like you want

8 de setembro de 2023

This is the best app for account until now for me. The support is always there in 10 minutes the problem was fixed twice. Not a problem actually but something i wanted to change. Also the design and layout is very beautiful. And even if you have the free version without paying anything I recommended this app for the user account management.

10 dias usando o app
Froonze deixou uma resposta 9 de setembro de 2023

Thanks so much for your review! We are happy to know you liked the design of our widgets!

Data de edição: 10 de julho de 2023

A very wonderful application, very easy, and it has many options, and a very wonderful support team, I got a very professional interface for my customers account, and in terms of cost, it is wonderful compared to the services provided by the application to me and my customers, and I asked them to amend some things and the result was very beautiful and I do not forget Their quick response and resolution of the issue I requested, thank you Froonze team

Arábia Saudita
Aproximadamente 20 horas usando o app
Froonze deixou uma resposta 11 de julho de 2023

Thanks for your review! We are happy to hear you are satisfied with your new beautiful customer account page.

18 de março de 2023

Such an affordable way to add a little more functionality to the customer account page. I really like the a la cart way of choosing what you need and not paying an arm and a leg for a hole bunch of features you're not after. My main reason for needing an app like this was to be able to have a usable account page where a customer can see their wishlists and rewards. The app I use for wishlists and rewards is not in the supported integrations subscription but over a quick two days back and forth with support, Javi was able to get my specific wishlist and loyalty app to show up and work correctly in the accounts page. Great app so far and amazing support.

British Bundles
5 dias usando o app
Froonze deixou uma resposta 19 de março de 2023

Thank you so much for such a detailed review!

6 de abril de 2023

An excellent app, at first glance similar to others in its category, but when you take a closer look at the details, you see how much more powerful it is than others. Extraordinary support helped me in this. I have never had such treatment. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a quality User Account with powerful tools.

planinski sirar
8 dias usando o app
Froonze deixou uma resposta 7 de abril de 2023

Thank you so much for your review!