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Customer Engagement Automation

Customer Engagement Automation

Developed by UseData

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  • Discover individual customer’s journey by tracking where they come from, when they arrive and what they do on your site.
  • Segment customers based on their online behaviors and transaction records to focus your resources on the most profitable customers.
  • Deliver personalized messages to proactively engage with your customers right at the time they intend to buy more.

Why UseData is the right tool for your business?

  • Instant: Capture all interactions on your site at realtime. Furthermore, all such data is accessed in every hour within the last 24hrs, which helps you to quickly target those who haven’t purchased when they come back.

  • Individual: Capture each customer interactions along their journey both at pre-purchase and post-purchase stages. From such information, you can communicate with each individual customer through email or phone.

  • Specific: Provide various reports of every single product, category, page, zone, campaign, referral source and search keyword to measure its traffic as well as how customers keep interest over time.

  • Simplicity: Easy to use. No coding skill required. Click “Install” and you’re done.

How can UseData help your shop?

We help you to answer the following questions

★ Customers’ Insights

  • When customers revisit your site. What they do on those visits.

  • Which categories they are interested in.

  • What products they like.

  • What pages they visit most.

  • Which keywords they use to search on your website.

  • Details about their visits' sessions.

  • What referrals bring customers.

  • Which campaigns that attract customers.

★ Product Performance

  • Do visits equal sales.

  • What search keywords lead to orders, who made those orders.

  • What pages/campaigns bring orders and who made those orders

  • Which referrals bring most valued customers.

  • Best-sellers, customers who bought them and other products that customers purchase together.

  • Favourite categories and their customers.

★ After-sales to Return Customers

  • Did you meet your current customers’ needs?

  • Record your old customer’s orders and interaction history.

  • Keep track on their activities when they come back, whether they buy products or “window shop” and why.

  • Help you send personalized emails with the relevant messages at the right time, then see how they respond your offers.

★ Segmentation to do personalized marketing

  • Keep track of your customers come back within the last 24hrs by segmenting them into a group call "Today Customer Segment"

  • How recent was the customer's last access or purchase? How frequently do the customers buy or engage with you? What are their averaged orders?

  • Segment all your customers into groups of which referral sources and campaigns they coming from, which products they have purchased and which keywords generate these sales.

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