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14. marts 2024

Customer Service doesn't do anything at all - The app says emails were sent out, but absolutely nothing was delivered to my customers. Literally look elsewhere for back-in-stock notifications - if anything goes wrong, it won't get fixed.

Two Crow Collective
8 måneder bruger appen
3. juni 2024

Cette application pratique des méthodes mensongères et abusives ! Nulle part, il n'est mentionné le coût des SMS, et vous n'avez aucune possibilité de désactiver leur envoi. Vous vous retrouverez avec des factures mensuelles comportant des frais d'utilisation à des montants totalement variables ! Nous avons été débités de plus de 700$ hier soir et ils sont incapables de fournir une explication. Ils vous font croire que vous avez un quota de SMS gratuits, mais ce n'est pas le cas ! De plus, nous ne sommes pas les seuls : de nombreux clients se plaignent, et beaucoup ne font probablement pas attention à leur facture, car ces frais sont débités séparément de l'abonnement. Ne téléchargez pas cette application. Ne mérite aucune étoile !

CASSY | Chaussures et accessoires pour femmes
Cirka 4 år bruger appen
12. december 2023

Their app glitches ALL THE TIME! Notifications do NOT go out automatically or when you manually push them. Their customer service is horrible! They don't help at all. They drag open tickets on and on for weeks with no solutions to the problems with their app. Do NOT recommend using this app at all. Unfortunately they now have a bank of restock notifications for our store that we will lose if we delete the app so they know they have us trapped and there is nothing we can do to save these notification. 0 STARS!

ACal Clothing
Mere end et år bruger appen
17. januar 2023

This app worked well for a couple of years for us, but it stopped working right before we had a big product launch and cost us a lot of sales. I tried to upgrade our subscription since we had collected a large number of out of stock notifications and kept getting a "server error message". And just like you'll see in the other 1 star reviews, when it stops working good luck getting any help from the company. Spend a little time and money finding a better solution to getting people to sign up for out of stock notifications and I wish I had paid more attention to the bad reviews from established companies. This app is a gamble that could cost you a lot of money when you need it the most.

Mere end 2 år bruger appen
Redigeret 1. maj 2023

The App worked wonderfully for a few months and then would send Back in Stock notifications for items that were out of stock/ have not been updated at random. I brought this to the customer service team and was unable to get a resolution. I sent examples of my stock history reports and compared them the the notification history dates, proving the item's inventory had not been updated. I was told this was impossible and proceeded to tell me it was my fault. I was very willing to work with the team and was given no response after 2 follow ups.

The Pretty Potato CA
Cirka 2 år bruger appen
15. april 2022

This app worked for a while but recently stopped working. Our texts do NOT get sent during restocks. Customer support chat says that it will be about less than 3 minutes to get a response. Hours go by then they will message you in the middle of the night and not resolve the issue. This is the second business day I have requested help and still have not gotten help. Multiple times now they have read my message and just not answered. It’s unbelievable how horrible the customer service is. It’s gone downhill lately so the older positive reviews I would have agreed with at the time but now, don’t waste your time. It will really impact your business when you plan restock dates and times for customers to get orders and then they just don’t help you for multiple days.

Strong and Sexy Fit™
Mere end et år bruger appen
6. januar 2023

The app is good when it works, it's been over a month and my issue is still not fixed after been assured it was going to be fixed. The communication from this company is woeful, I have to constantly chase them up and still no update. Look at other 1 star reviews to see similar issues. Off to Shopify to put in a complaint.

Happy Valley
Mere end et år bruger appen
Redigeret 2. august 2022

WORST customer service ever. Waiting for a simple answer for weeks. Always sending message to get as feedback they while come back to me whitin the next 24 or 48 hours. There is no problem to not be able to answer a question/fix a feature but just say it, it will avoid everyone to loose time.

Monnier Paris - France
Mere end et år bruger appen
18. april 2022

Completely agree with the 1 star review below. The app was good until an issue occurred - it wasn't sending out the restock SMS notifications to our customers, which is causing a big loss in sales for us. We've tried to reach out to support twice, 1 guy literally just stopped replying, so we reached out to another guy but he also doesn't seem helpful. Until now we're still unable to send the SMS notifications, and it seems no one is going to fix this issue.

Pups & Bubs
SAR Hongkong
Cirka et år bruger appen
Redigeret 19. oktober 2022

EDIT: 2022: App stopped sending emails. No response from developers. Changing to another app.
This app is awesome and the support is even better! Installed the app and it worked instantly. I reached out to the support asking how I customise the appearance and they did it all of me in under 5 mins. Incredible!

Run Company
Cirka et år bruger appen