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2021년 9월 1일에 편집됨

We use this app on our store to help us notify our customers on news and restocked items either by mail or text. We really like how it boosts our sales without having to market it on Social media och newsletters as much, especially on our coming soon items where our customers are able to sign up for upcoming news and get notified before everyone else. It would be nice if the customers also got a confirmation email when signing up like "Subscription confirmation for waiting list". In the product report we want to be able to export CSV files of only 1 product at a time as well. For example on a specific jacket to see total order amount of that jacket and total ordered sizes and notifications of that jacket because right now we are only able to export a total list of all products. Would be great if we also could export a specific collection for example all products tagged with FW21 (fall/winter21).

앱 사용 기간 1년 초과
2021년 8월 17일에 편집됨

This app has been great to use so far. There are so many features giving the customers different options to receive a back-in-stock notification with Facebook, email, or SMS. They give you a lot of control over the appearance of the button and the pop-up itself and where it is on the site. I do also like the weekly emails that you get letting you know how much you have made from it. Great product, I would recommend.

My Medic
앱 사용 기간 대략 1년
2021년 11월 8일

Helpful app and good customer service. Wish I would be alerted via email each time someone signs up for back in stock alert.

Blue Urbane
앱 사용 기간 9개월
2021년 11월 9일

This is a very promising app with features we can really see as valuable in pre-customer engagement, selling and conversion of our limited edition, short run product range at STABLE of Ireland. It has taken a bit of time to optimize it but I am impressed at the support from the team behind it too.

STABLE of Ireland
앱 사용 기간 9개월
2022년 3월 7일

The support team is always incredibly responsive and the level of colour customisation is great for your brand. Depending on your theme, you may need their help to get it installed/working perfectly so keep that in mind with install time.

The Better Packaging Co
앱 사용 기간 8개월
2022년 11월 7일


クローム・インダストリーズジャパン 公式オンラインストア
앱 사용 기간 7개월
2021년 1월 28일

Good app, gives us more insight in what products are popular, when out of stock. Easy to install and easy to use.

Danish Design
앱 사용 기간 7개월
2021년 9월 22일

I have integrated it into the site, havent used it yet as site is not live. Support was very helpful and integrates well with shopify

Muscle Flex
앱 사용 기간 7개월
2020년 11월 19일

This app helps our customers sign up for sold-out products and it helps us estimate future production based on demand. Some bugs now and then but the support team is very helpful.
앱 사용 기간 6개월
2020년 4월 9일에 편집됨

I am adding more stars as after inital review I was contacted immediately and issue was solved in most professional matter by Rishabh. Now just waiting for the feature of removing the button after successfully sending email and I can put 5 stars.

I actually like the app, but I am having a problem with pop up not fitting to my screen and therefore cannot see the link to close the popup link under the button. I have contacted the support via chat but reply has been "works for us with same resolution and browser". That is awesome news for you, but what if one of my clients sees it the way I do. They will get VERY frustrated as they cannot close the pop up and see if their email was successfully sent. So 2 stars for support!

Elly Naturals
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답글 Appikon Software Pvt Ltd개 2020년 4월 9일

Hi Tytti,

Thanks for your review. I am really sorry your support experience was not good. "Works for me" is not a solution and we will pass on this feedback to our support team. I will personally help you with your support request.