Customer Empowerment Exchange

Customer Empowerment Exchange

KINGER Analytics LLC

An Enhanced Customer Service Platform Made to Build Trust

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Social Customer Service

Allow your customers to ask questions to anyone they feel comfortable talking to in a one-to-one setting through their favorite medium

Loyalty Program

For customers who want to talk to people who've already bought your products, we'll setup a loyalty program for these "verified customers"

Custom Analytics

Through CEX, we can provide data to launch targeted marketing campaigns based on Demography, Geography, Psycho-graphic & behavior data.

Customer Empowerment Exchange 정보

About Customer Empowerment Exchange

With return rates rising, trust gap widening between the value promised and value actually delivered, and changed retail landscape in the light of COVID-19, Customer Empowerment Exchange(CEX) delivers a powerful tool in the hands of the customers to help them make smart buying decisions. CEX, provides efficient no-human touch, low effort, one-to-one in-store customer service experience with the convenience of an eCommerce platform. CEX allows retailers to give their customers the option to contact anyone they feel best suited to answer their questions, allay their concerns or clarify their doubts and using CEX's patent-pending approach, customers even have the option of contacting other customers who have bought the same product/service they would like to buy. Inspired by social media methodologies, CEX matches potential customers to verified customers who have the same use case/lifestyle as them in a private, facilitated, conversation.

The main aspects of CEX are:

Social Q&A Intuitive and easy to use User Interface (UI) with both inscribed & pop up options for your website allows your aspiring customers to get easy access to trustworthy information from any source they consider best suited to answer their questions, allay their concerns or clarify their doubts. CEX platform allows aspiring customers use their preferred mode of communication like email, SMS, phone or social media to interact with: a Retailer’s Customer Service Representatives, Manufacturer’s brand representatives, Product Experts, and Verified customers.

Loyalty Program CEX platform has in-built Loyalty based Certified Customers Community Program (CCCP) to leverage for achieving your strategic business goals like: Increasing retention rate, Improving Customer Support, and Building advocacy. The Loyalty program is provided by us and included in the monthly subscription cost of CEX.

Custom Analytics Drive new revenues with insights from your customer data. CEX uses predictive & adaptive analytics to increase customer value by identifying upsell, cross-sell, deep-sell and retention opportunities as well as look-a-like audience to target new prospects. KINGER Analytics employs scientific methods and techniques such as: Data Mining, Modeling, and AI. In the case of product-specific reports, we will provide data regarding which questions appear to be the most important for your customers per product and suggestion as to how to improve the product page based on the opinions of existing customers and potential customers are viewing the product before and after the buying process.

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또는 연당 $209 로 $17.42/월 청구

$5 for every additional 25 queries made monthly

  • 250 Consumer Queries Monthly

  • CSR, and VC Program

  • Access to Custom Dashboard

  • Quarterly Analytics Report

  • SEO Optimization



또는 연당 $549 로 $45.75/월 청구

$10 for every additional 200 queries made monthly

  • 500 Consumer Queries Monthly

  • CSR, VC and Expert Program

  • Access to Custom Dashboard

  • BiMonthly Analytics Report

  • SEO Optimization



또는 연당 $909 로 $75.75/월 청구

$25 for every additional 750 queries made monthly

  • 2000 Consumer Queries Monthly

  • CSR, VC, Expert and Store Visit Program

  • Access to Custom Dashboard

  • Monthly Analytics Report

  • SEO Optimization

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