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Feedback & Coupon Delivery

Feedback & Coupon Delivery

Developed by Grabimo

Price: Free – $9.99 / month Free Trial: 365 days More info
  • Audiovisual customer engagement with clear conversation record
  • Maximize response rate with more coupon delivery but less email requests
  • Boost sales leads with valuable audiovisual feedback

The app will automatically create a Feedback tab on the right side of your store webpages. You get more authentic and valuable feedback from your customer with your coupon incentives. Your coupon not only boost your sales, but also effectively engage your customers. Your even can use positive audiovisual feedback to promote your store furthermore.

How coupon works with feedback?

  1. Install the Feedback side Tab on your store

    Just click the Get App button at the Shopify App Store.

  2. Define coupon usage for feedback giving

    Simply select coupon type, amount, and validity at your Grabimo account. You decide when a coupon code should be emailed to your customer for providing feedback.

  3. Upload your coupon code

    You may upload any coupon text file (one code per line) to your Grabimo account. For example, you may first export coupon codes from the popular Bulk Discounts app at Shopify.com, and then import the file to your account at Grabimo.com

Your Benefits!

  • Audiovisual feedbacks

    To help you collect, manage, and display customer experience in multimedia format: Video, Audio, Photo, and Text. We make both you and your customers happy.

  • Happy return customers

    To incentivize your customers to capture and share what they experience. You can reward your customers using store coupon, cash, gift, or whatever you like to delight your customers.

  • Personal, pinpointed, on-the-spot experience

    To leverage personal testimonials to promote your store and identify customer pain points to improve the shopping experience. We make it easy for your customers to share their opinions while experiencing your business.

Special features

  • Simple mobile UI for feedback submission, see example

  • Customer follow-up with messaging style and email functions, Feature Tour

  • Show-off on your Facebook page, see example

Free – $9.99 / month
365 days

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