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Customer Insights

Customer Insights

Developed by The Product Labs

Price: Custom Free Trial: 1 days More info
  • Identify your customer interests to build highly targeted email & ad campaigns.
  • Source new customers that fit your ideal customer profile.
  • Transform any customer email address into full social profile.

Customer Insights - The best app to know your customers and acquire more.

Customer Insights help you to know about your customers and their interests. This helps you to create accurate email campaigns which can generate extremely high open and click through rates.

Acquire more customers by targeting similar audience Ex: Followers of your customer on Twitter, Klout, Pinterest, Friends in Facebook etc,.

♡♡♡ Why Customer Insights is a Must-Have App ♡♡♡

  1. 360° insights into your customer data, which helps you to build a full picture of your customers in seconds.

  2. Add intelligence to every stage of your customer workflow, and say goodbye to incomplete lead data and anonymous web traffic.

  3. Build highly targeted emails & ads based on your customer's interests.

  4. Excellent customer support working round the clock.

  5. Signup at The Product Labs to get free tips on best practices for retargeting your customers.

  6. Get our next two updates on the app for free!


1. How does the pricing work?

Once you install the app, your first request is for free. Post that, you get 10 credits for every $3. Each credit represent one request you can make to enrich your customer profile.

2. Will you have access to my customer data?

We will have read only access to get the customer email address. We build the social profile of your customer based on their email. We don't store any of your customer information from our side.

3. Can I export my enriched customer profile information?

Absolutely! you can export all your customer profiles for free. However this feature is in development and will be available in two weeks.

4. How do you get my customer's social profile information?

We scrape through the internet and various partners of ours to build a social profile for an email address.

5. Will you have the information if I uninstall the app?

No. Once you uninstall the app, all of your enriched information is deleted from our servers after 2 weeks. So, be sure to export all this information before you uninstall or reach out to customer care with in 2 weeks.

6. How does the pricing work?

After installing the app, you have one free credit, which you can use to try the app. Credits are consumed only if we are able to enrich your customer email. Post the free credit you can buy a bundle of 10 requests for $3.

Coming Soon..

  • Export all of your enriched customer profiles

  • Easy to use stats on your customer demographics, interests, social networks used etc,. which you can use to customise your email & ad campaigns

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Must have app if you want good insights on your customers. Gives you accurate information on their social profiles and interests which helps you to do targeted email and ad campaigns.


Your first request to enrich your customer profile is absolutely free. Then after, Customer Insights Basic Plan is just $3 for 10 credits. You can pay as you go and there are absolutely no upfront or monthly commitments. Your credit will be used up only if we are able to build a social profile of your customer.
Unlike most apps, we only charge you pay as you go and zero up-front fee and you get two updates on the app for free.

1 days

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