AdYogi LTV : Lifetime value

AdYogi LTV : Lifetime value

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(Free) Analyse your customers like a data scientist

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Automate Cohort Analysis

Discard long excel macros for cohort analysis. Automate advanced analysis and unlock key actionable customer insights for a balanced funnel.

Scale acquisition expertly

Know your customer LTV to decide how much can be comfortably spent on acquisition. Usually, LTV is way higher than AOV of first order.

Track Retention

Track Customer retention and repurchase rate over time. Identify which products enabled higher repurchases.

Su AdYogi LTV : Lifetime value

Calculate the Customer lifetime value and LTV adjusted ROAS multiplier

Do you know the lifetime value of your customers? Do you know how your top customers engage with your brand over time? Are you tracking how many of the acquired customers are returning in the first 60 days and which products are enabling the highest repurchases?

We help you understand what matters most in the journey to grow a multi-million dollar eCommerce business - Customer lifetime value.

  • Easily track the new customers and repurchase rate over months, quarters & years
  • Automate cohort analysis to gauge the behavior of each customer cohort over time. Has the customer LTV increased over quarters?
  • Calculate key metrics like AOV, 60-day LTV, 90-day LTV
  • Estimate the CAC that you can afford to acquire new customers
  • Understand which products the customers purchased before coming back again to shop more.
  • Visualize the revenue growth curves and retention curves

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5.0 stelle su 5

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Le recensioni più recenti

Kradle My Pet

One of the best free apps in the Shopify App Store. Saves hours of manual reporting if you track customer lifetime value. Good options for slicing and dicing by customer cohort, product, etc.

Just Dabao

This is a really great app that shows how my company is performing on various customer metrics without the trouble of calculating myself. I also learnt many more metrics that are useful to track.
More than the app, its the awesome support from Sumit not only explains what the data says, but also truly interested in helping the company grow by providing actionable steps.

Disguise Cosmetics

This app is quite useful for some analytics and insights into metrics that may otherwise take a lot of spreadsheets and data crunching to come by. Really helps in decision making by having this data at your finger tips. The only thing it could do better is load quicker. Really creates some anxiety there waiting for the screen to show up as we're all excited to see the numbers.