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24 juli 2021

I try to unninstall, I first Remove theme assets and still appears on my page. I need to clean this. Please help!

App gebruikt gedurende 3 dagen
Bewerkt 8 maart 2021

does not work at all, even if it is compatible. the idea with wish & compare is good, but only if it works

Minasari Home
App gebruikt gedurende 5 minuten
Bewerkt 17 december 2020

I emailed the support address in the manual and got a reply telling me to use their paid support system.
Of course, it's a business, so paying for it is not a problem.
However, it seems fraudulent to make users install a flawed app, waste their time, and then ask them to pay for a support system.
It's a shame because it's a good app if it works properly.

App gebruikt gedurende 17 dagen
9 december 2020

This app changed my theme and does not work. Shouldn't be around here very unhappy about this app I wouldn't recommend to anyone

Sapphire Jewellery
App gebruikt gedurende 17 minuten
20 februari 2020

Dont work here in my store.
Its modificate some basic files what can be a problem, so i un installed it.

The Make
App gebruikt gedurende 28 minuten
14 maart 2019

awful dont use it this is a disaster after install and when i removed it i was stuck with whole bunch of tags everwhere i couldnt remove

Alley Chic
App gebruikt gedurende 6 minuten
MPIthemes heeft geantwoord 15 maart 2019

Hi Alley Chic,

You have to uninstall theme assets first -

Best Regards, MPIthemes

15 februari 2019

This app has a great concept and easy for buyers to use, but it will completely wreck any mobile site as a result of the icons and size. I contacted customer support and they replied within 24 hours, but their efforts were laughably pathetic and they insisted they wouldn't help me since I was on the "Free Plan". If the problems could have been fixed then I would have paid for premium, but a sign of how they treat their customers has caused me to uninstall it and save myself from making a financial mistake.

Bollywood Bows
Verenigde Staten
App gebruikt gedurende 5 dagen
15 januari 2019

cette application a supprimer le bouton ajouter aux panier puis le panier complet de mon site, même âpre avoir fait Remove
App removes files from current theme. rient ne change je me retrouve avec un message erreur an aux de la boutique, puis jais une boutique ou ont ne peux plus payer comment je peux faire svp

App gebruikt gedurende 1 dag