Price Bargain ‑ Make an offers

Price Bargain ‑ Make an offers

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Online price negotiation, Offer discount | Sales booster app


Online Price Bargain

Offer online price bargain strategy to the users to make an offer for the product at their flexible rate. Offer discount traditionally.

Discounted Price Rules

Create unlimited price rules based on discount rate or a fixed amount. Abandonment protector & create offers.

Customize Negotiate pop-up

Price bargainator app allows personalizing price negotiation using customize message, etc.

有關 Price Bargain ‑ Make an offers

How will the Price bargaining application help your store?

Result of the online shopping experience being so convincing, better & accurate to the physical experience, great numbers of users have dropped physical shopping. And, emphasis on online shopping. But, the one thing that is highly being felt missed & is while online purchasing is price bargain opportunities.

Recent findings suggest that stores find price negotiate functionality as a sales booster for the store.

In order for online stores to give head-to-head competition to physical shopping and provide enjoyment and experience in all aspects, it's necessary to activate the "Make an offer" functionality on the store.

#Higher Customer Satisfaction, Higher-Order Numbers

#Higher Order Numbers, Higher Repeat Business

Customers love to negotiate on price! It's like a victory for them if they get the product at their offered price or even moderately below the price stated formerly by the merchant. Thus, the price negotiates app lets users make an offer for the product at their desired price.

Further, if the offered price falls under the acceptable price rules created at the backend by the admin, without further confirmation from the admin, the offer is accepted and an automated coupon code is generated.


  • Real-time online price negotiation
  • Select product/category to allow price bargain functionality
  • Display price negotiation pop-up at the Product Detail Page
  • Create unlimited price rules at the backend
  • Create price rules following a percentage or fixed amount
  • Apply price rules to specific products or collection
  • Set attempts limitations for a user to place an offer for a product
  • Users made offers is automatically accepted at the front-end if it falls under created price rules
  • For accepted offer, an automatic coupon code generates
  • Set an expiry period for the application validity of the generated coupon code
  • Customizable price negotiation widget


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Enhances shopping experience
  • Decreases cart-abandoned rate
  • Boost order numbers & value by creating encouraging users to price bargain
  • Customers price bargain desires
  • Higher conversions & profit
  • Repeat business model
  • The win-win situation at both the ends
  • Abandonment protection

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For the ultimate user experience, we recommend using the latest version one of the following Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge.

Best usage as an Abandonment Protector, Abandonment Cart Recovery Hero by booster apps, Sales Booster Apps, create an offer, create offers, create discount offers.

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  • Create unlimited bargain rules
  • Apply on all/specific products
  • Set attempts limits & coupon validity
  • Personalize Labels & CTA
  • Premium Support

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