Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale

Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale


Wholesale Pricing, Member & VIP with Tiered Discounts! NEW

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Gear Republic

We are using several Bold apps and none of them are working correctly. The customer service could not be worse of they tried. Their answer for their app not working is to offer custom development, ok no problem ... except we have filled out their custom development form and been emailing them for a week and recieved no response. Bold is everything wrong with the app community, all about numbers no time for helping Customers. I'm floored at how poorly they have handled our Issues. Maybe this will get their attention or more likely they just don't care.


This app SUCKS! After this APP was expert installed, it created duplicate variants in all of our Google Shopping Campaigns, showing discounted prices to consumers. After I spoke with customer service, they had NO FIX FOR THIS! Additionally, it created an issue, where customers could not select different variants or flavors of products, and page descriptions would not scroll so that customers could read about the products. Tons of lost revenue. If you have a very ‘simple’ store then I suggest reading the tutorial on how to duplicate your theme and create your own wholesale customer store. Do not download this app.

Stonemaier Games

I was hoping to use this app to sell to select customers (retailers) who had a retailer tag in Shopify. However, after I created a 50% retailer discount in this app, the discount was visible all over our webstore, and if anyone added more than 1 of any item to their cart, they received a 50% discount.

Now, perhaps I simply misunderstood the app. But this is when the bigger issue arose. When I discovered that the app wasn't doing what I thought it would, I deleted the setting I created in the Custom Pricing app. But nothing changed. So I deleted the entire app. STILL nothing changed. The app had made permanent changes in my Shopify theme. I'm lucky to have a designated customer service helper at Bold, but if I didn't, it may have been days before Bold's team could have weeded out the old code (fortunately it only took a few hours).

I had high hopes for this app. While I love and will continue to use other Bold Apps (Upsell, Recurring Memberships, Brain, Bundles, and Store Locator), I would not recommend Custom Pricing given the issues I described.

Serene Vibe

Cody was very helpful. The concerns I had were solved very promptly by Cody. I haven't used the app yet but cody was very helpful. Guri too

Wrong - They forced me to say this and never even helped me in the end.

Developer reply

September 13, 2019

Hi there - thank you for taking the time to leave us this feedback.

We're very sorry to hear you were not satisfied with our service! As of this morning, the installation of Custom Pricing has been completed - we're very sorry it took longer than usual. Sometimes, other apps will conflict with our apps' ability to work properly, and it takes some extra time for our support team to make things work properly due to the conflicts.

We're happy to share that the app is up and running on your store now, as Cody has mentioned in an email. Should you prefer to discuss this over the phone, Guri is more than happy to give you a call.

Please let us know what you'd like to do! We'd really like to rectify things with you, and are again very sorry about any trouble this has caused for you.



Developer reply

September 3, 2019

Hi there! I took a look at all of your email correspondence with our customer service team. First off, I just wanted to say we are so sorry to hear that you are unsatisfied with our app! It looks like there were a lot of roadblocks and changes that needed to be made in order to get it working due to conflicts with other applications on your store, which certainly is a negative experience.

It looks like we last left off on a good note after our Tier 2 support team made some changes to your code in order to allow two conflicting apps to work together.

Would you mind responding to our most recent email with your phone number and a good time to call you so we can sort out any other issues you might have? I just wanted to let you know that *we have somebody who can speak with you in Spanish over the phone*, as I saw that was a barrier in earlier conversations. :-)


Sorry Bold - but until you can make this paid app work properly only one * for you!
I have always been very supportive of the Bold team and their apps, as they have been responsive and generally pleasant to work with. However after rewiring my whole store to accept GBP and EUR through Bold Cashier i needed this app to do quantity discounting. I'm sorry to say it just does not work and I have been waiting for over a month now for the discounting to work across a collection. I can't go back and now need to manually adjust incoming orders which is horrible.


Support is a joke. I can code better than these guys and they take forever....never trusting BOLD again

Developer reply

June 24, 2019

Hi there, I just wanted to sincerely apologize for the frustrations you have experienced with our support team. We do our best to help our merchants as soon as we possibly can. We'd love to rectify this, and if you are interested in having us assist you again, please do respond to our latest email. Otherwise, we wish you the best of luck moving forward!

Ah bonita Boutique

very bad comunication with costumer, it also doesn't have any support to help us. I am just going to cancel my subscription.

Developer reply

April 10, 2019

Hello there, thank you for your review. I just wanted to send my sincerest apologies that your initial experience with our support team was less than adequate.

We look forward to connecting with you over the phone sometime today to help you with setting up the app!


This app has a lot of bugs. Even though I've already uninstalled it from my store, the discount is still applied in my store and I don't even know how to delete it.

Developer reply

March 29, 2019

Hi there, thanks for the review. I just wanted to apologize that you ran into issues while using our app. We have gone ahead and removed all of the code from your store, so you should find that any of those discounts are now gone.

Please let us know if you have any further questions, comments or concerns. We are more than happy to assist.


I would give them zero stars if possible have these guys on multiple stores only find out midway through using the QB haven't been working for couple months.

Developer reply

April 1, 2019

Hi, thank you for your feedback. We're very sorry to hear that you've run into an issue with Quantity Breaks, and we would really like to look into this further for you.

Whenever convenient for you, please respond to our email and let us know when we can connect with you over the phone in order to solve this issue. Again, we are very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and would like to rectify the issue immediately.

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