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The first time their "experts" installed the app, they turned on a password feature, shutting down our site completely so customers saw a login screen.
Second time, a level two "expert" removed the Buy Now button for all products, halting sales for four hours.
Third time, third expert and it looks like it is set up correctly. But it doesn't work when customers are tagged.
Spent too much time and lost too much money with this app to continue with them trying to "figure it out."
Gave it two stars because it looks nice and easy. Wish we could use.

Kore Essentials
使用应用的时长: 大约2个月

The app itself worked.. however for some of my collections where i have 40+ products, and those products have 10 variations.. shopify plus support confirmed this app was causing 10+ seconds of load time.

I did the " auto uninstall " and it left over TONS of code.. Going to take a long time to completely remove this app.

I don't recommend for sites with 20+ products in a single collection or multiple product variations.

Cheap Stair Parts
使用应用的时长: 8个月
BOLD已回复 2019年4月12日

Hi there, I just wanted to say thank you for the review and feedback and I'm very sorry you have found it to be slowing down some pages on your website. We take our customers' feedback and concerns very seriously.

We'd love to look into the issue further for you if you decide to try the app again, however if not we completely understand, and would be more than happy to help by having our installs team remove the entirety of the app's code from your store.

We've been in touch, and look forward to hearing back from you!


We have used this app for a few years and rely on it heavily to sell the same products to different groups of people. When it works, it works great. But there have been more and more hangups and code changes that throw everything off... often times for much longer than we'd like. The rock solid faith we used to have in "set it and forget it" is wavering, and now it's more like "cross your fingers everything works" on our really important days. More attentions should be paid to supporting subscription products like this, and informing support staff of EXACTLY what is going on. Communication via support tickets is often met with, "let me put you in touch with an App Specialist and they'll get back to you when they have more info." That's not what I want to hear after I send an email to 20,000 people at midnight and the products on my website are randomly showing any one of five different retail prices.

Twin Six
使用应用的时长: 3年多

It makes it really difficult when shopify does an update and all of your wholesale pricing gets deleted and you have to redo all of your detailed pricing again. Apart from that, I have found this app pretty useful.

使用应用的时长: 3年多

Does what's it's suppose to most of the time, but when problems hit it's not easy getting fixes / communication. Limited consumer service hours. Kicking off sales is not easy.

使用应用的时长: 大约4年

I'm not sure how this app works for percentage discounts across your whole product line, but if you have multiple variants or want to achieve product specific pricing, don't waste your time with this app. Very cluttered and slow to use. This app adds variants to your products and will make a mess of your online store.
Try Wholesale Pricing by Supple instead. Very happy with this app.

Munster Industries
使用应用的时长: 8天

I have been trying to use this app for some time (I paid $500 extra for integrations with other Bold Apps). They keep making promises about how they will change the displayed prices etc. However, after waiting six months for the promised changes I give up. Bold wants your money but cannot follow through. I am out $500 plus countless hours and $50/month fee.

使用应用的时长: 11个月

I think you guys have a great idea in this product but may need to work on the installation and troubleshooting of it. We had to remove it from our site because it ended up ruining a lot of our pricing and due to the nature of the install/ uninstall, we now have more work on our hands then we did when we started. If you guys are able to pay them to set it up on your site for you, it should work like a dream. It just wasn't a price we were willing to pay for it.

Eichholtz Miami
使用应用的时长: 24天

Wow, what a let down. First off I want to say the COMPANY Owner is very quick to respond and is as helpful as he can be. however you are only as strong as your support and design team. For this they are horrible. Back when I was coming from daily deals to their product deals, I was let down to see they werent as strong as something that was created by a one man team. Kinda bad isnt it? Especially as big as this company with shopify is. Well to them it wasnt a big deal and this "was getting worked on" and wasnt a priority.

I probably should have stopped right there. I figured id give this one a shot to see how good their customer pricing option is. LOL, wel lwhen you create a customer group IT ADDS more options TO the items. I have never seen another wholesale option do this. So the inventory is never going to be accurate as it takes from a NA option. What??? Did I miss something? Yeah uninstalled and went right back to just issues discount codes to wholesale customers. Save yourself the headache and go somewhere else. They did install it quick which is why I am keeping a star.

使用应用的时长: 2天

Original installation was quick and set up seemed easy enough, but the cart for wholesale customers was "unavailable" which rendered to whole concept useless. Several days with no updates or ETA on completion to fix the cart. Finally just deleted the app!

Sbz Brand
使用应用的时长: 12天