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It is a good app. We are direct to retail, not wholesale, but when our farmers have a lot of one product we can help move them by offering incentives for people to buy more.

We like the app. The only thing I wish would be fixed is some items' default products, for no reason, begin tracking inventory even when I set them not to. When this happens, people can not add more than a few items to cart and we have to troubleshoot. Happens often. Can this be resolved?

Bone-In Food
4年多 人在使用应用
BOLD已回复 2023年8月25日

Thanks so much for writing in! Our team has reached out to provide assistance with the issue you are seeing. We hope to get the issue sorted and get you back on track.


The support team (particularly Chintak) is very responsive and I appreciate their quick work! I'm only giving the app four stars because I have trouble getting some of the jobs to complete on my end and have to request support.

Lazarus Artisan Goods
4年多 人在使用应用
BOLD已回复 2023年7月10日

Thank you so much for taking the time to write in. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! We will be sure to pass your message along to the team. We are glad to hear that Chintak was able to help you out so efficiently.


Just getting stared with the app, but I had really good customer service with getting this app installed. BOLD was responsive to my requests after we got the process started.

The only issues I had were "Automatic theme update" failed and the "Expert theme update service" link was broken. I wound up going to the BOLD website to create a ticket for support to look at.

Birpal was 5 stars great. Getting to him was a little difficult, hence the 4 star BOLD rating.

Wholesale Tile Liquidation
7天 人在使用应用
BOLD已回复 2023年2月22日

Thanks for your valuable feedback! We are glad to hear you were able to get the help you needed. We will certainly look into the issue you described and make sure all is working as it should. We look forward to seeing your store grow with us! Thanks for choosing Bold!


looks like an easy app to use. cody was a big help with me helping figure out some small issues we were having. just getting it launched today and looking forward to helping our customers make purchases with more incentives!

Mindful Supply
6年多 人在使用应用
BOLD已回复 2019年9月16日

Thanks for the review! We're glad to hear that our support gurus were able to sort out the issues you ran into - sorry for any inconvenience those caused!

We're looking forward to seeing you earn more loyal customers with your incentives! Absolutely love that you give back, and have a section on Living Mindful as well; on top of selling great clothing! :-)


The Bold Team is awesome! I've been using Customer Pricing for years. I love it. I ran into an issue and Aryan and his app expert Guri went above and beyond to help me. Love it!

5年多 人在使用应用

Has the features I need. Very confusing liquid installation process, you will probably have to shell out an extra $40 just to get up and running.

Lucky Braids
接近5年 人在使用应用

Great app! Just started using it and it works great.

4年多 人在使用应用

Great service, and very helpful.recommended.

4年多 人在使用应用

Thumbs up from me! It does what is says well. Thank you guys and the support is great!

大约4年 人在使用应用

The Customer Pricing app has been great, we have different types of customers and it is nice to be able to direct them all to one website.
The customer service and willingness to help out is fantastic as well, thank you!

Duracell Direct
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