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I would give them zero stars if possible have these guys on multiple stores only find out midway through using the QB haven't been working for couple months.

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BOLD 已回覆 2019年4月1日

Hi, thank you for your feedback. We're very sorry to hear that you've run into an issue with Quantity Breaks, and we would really like to look into this further for you.

Whenever convenient for you, please respond to our email and let us know when we can connect with you over the phone in order to solve this issue. Again, we are very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and would like to rectify the issue immediately.


I've used many apps on Shopify and most of them were really great. Especially the support of those apps. Fast communication and always helpfull with my questions. The service I've experienced with BOLD is the WORST service I've ever got. This app costs me $20 per month and 2 weeks ago I've installed the 'Quantity Breaks' app. It was hard to figure this out so I needed help from the support team. Since then nobody has helped me to fix it. I've send many e-mails with zero response. The only response is a question they ask and when I answered this questions for help, nobody responded anymore. This is unbelievable. I'm really dissapointed that nobody could help me set up this app. I have a lot of customers and couldn't use a quantity app now for 2 weeks. I hope someone from BOLD will see this message and will do something about this lack of support. Thanks for all the help and support.. NOT!! - A very dissapointed customer. ** NOT RECCOMMENDED TO USE THIS APP FROM BOLD **

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BOLD 已回覆 2020年11月9日

Thank you for your honest feedback - we are sorry to hear about the lack of communication from our end and would like a second chance to get you set up for success! We can see that our team has been in touch with you this morning through your support ticket, and we are committed to turning around your experience!


First I'd like to say I am deleting this app from my shopify store right after I leave this heartfelt review of this company and product.

I could list more than just these reasons why I will never use a bold app again, however I will only list a couple in hopes that it will help at least one person steer clear of this company.

1. Horrible support. They are never available. They take days to respond sometimes. I was recently left hanging while missing out on income from wholesale customers that could have been coming in had this app been working properly. On top of this, Jay comes across as a very arrogant person when handling a customer concern. He is very short and condescending.

2. Their "install" price is gouged. If you do not know how to update and install code in to your theme, they charge you $40 for 15 minutes of work. How do I know it takes 15 mins? Because after their install team wrecked my wholesale purchasing I figured out how to work with code. I systematically checked and re- installed every single piece of coding myself. Guess what? If you change themes on shopify, you have to re-install this app and completely re- enter all of the coding. If you do not know how to do it, they will have the audacity to ask you to pay them another $40 install fee to install the app for you again. After you already paid them once to install it! What a nickel and dime kind of company you are bold.

3. Their app price is HIGHLY gouged. $50 a month for an app that requires a ton of user end work and data entry.

4. Major lack of attention to detail. Their support staff apparently knows less about code installation than someone who takes 1 day to study and learn it. When I argued with them about having to pay a second install fee to have the app on my store, they hesitantly agreed and had a support staff "re-install" the coding. This is where it all messed up and my wholesale customers were no longer to even see the variants designated for them. AT ALL! So my conclusion, along with the conclusion of a shopify support guru, is that their "install team" accidentally deleted some shopify coding and created a mess they chose to disregard. On top of this, I was a 'Premium" package user (because every nickel and dime company like bold wants you to pay that extra amount to get features that should be available anyways) and their "install team" installed the basic package. That is complete lack of attention to detail and it seems I was brushed aside because of my unhappiness with their product's function.

This app is clunky. It seems very slung together and way too complex (even though I know how to fully operate it). If you need a good app that will let you designate specific pricing for all types of customers, while hiding it from others' view, I HIGHLY recommend the "Locksmith" app. I am not at all affiliated with the creators of that app. Just a very disappointed customer who found a new solution when bold apps failed me. What took me more than 30hrs of data entry to accomplish with this app, took me 30 minutes with the locksmith app.

Goodbye Bold, you lost a customer and I will tell everyone to avoid you from here on out.

使用應用程式 9個月

Developers forgot to disclose this on their Frontpage:


I have had this app for a few months now and been paying for the premium version. I also have multiple other bold apps. So I'm a good paying customer and they make good money from me every month. Unfortunately the support is always wishy washy. There is never a fix to a problem, always just work arounds that make everything more complicated.

If you depend on proper inventory management then this app is simply a nightmare that will make you pull out your hair! Customers in my shop can purchase as "professionals" at discounted prices if they have been approved. However, every-time a professional buys on their account the stock changes completely arbitrarily. I would have 3 items left in stock and after the customer buys there would suddenly be -6. The numbers are always very random and always negative. This leads to many items being out of stock all the time, even though their is stock and it has lost me so much money. Customers see there is no stock, they leave the site and I lose the sale. With over 5000 items in my store it is impossible to check up on each item bought after every order to see if it hasn't gone from inventory of 2 to inventory of -11.

My developer and I have opened dialogue with bold to fix this issue, but they were just talking around the point that the stock issue is noted in their READ ME docs and cannot be fixed. However, the issue is much more "buggy" than what they describe there.

They have mentioned that there are innate limitations with the Shopify system and that’s what prevents the application from working correctly. However, it doesn’t seem that there is any effort on their part to work with the Shopify team to come to a satisfactory resolution, and I’m just expected to deal with this problem.

So how can they charge any money (50 USD per month!) for an application they know will never work properly?!

Naild Ink
使用應用程式 7個月

I honestly feel sorry for the bold technicians because the bold apps are so incredibly flawed that no one seems to know how to fix them. I had nothing but issues with the customer tiered pricing & wholesale app for months after installation and the issues never really got resolved...not to mention incredibly looooong response times and if it's the weekend...forget about it. Trying to trouble shoot this app was like rocket science or something and in the end I was told that the app was not compatible with either of my themes. Then why was I paying $50 a month for it for like 6 months if it wasn't compatible to begin with? That app thoroughly messed up all of the pricing in my shop, created terrible glitches in my shopping cart and suggested products and slowed my refresh rate waaaaaay down. It was seriously taking about a minute for each page to load. So I know I lost customers over this...don't really want to know how many. I will never use a bold app again! And I do not blame it's technicians. They are doing the best they can with what they have been given...bless their hearts. This was a miserable long drawn out experience and a total waste of my time and energy...long hours and days of conversing with their technicians only to in the end have to uninstall the app and clean the mess it left behind in my shop which included having to manually go in and delete all the variants on every individual product in my shop...I have about 100! It was a total nightmare and I do not recommend any bold app to anyone! Don't waste your time or your money.

Serpent Spirall
使用應用程式 4個月

This is the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with in my life. Even worse than when I had to talk to someone in India to try and fix my Dell over the phone. They are there to sign you up and charge you and then boom! disappear. I've called and emailed at least 10 times over the last two weeks to get support and I only get a help desk reply that says "Your request (#40331) has been updated." Then nothing. No call, no email. I reply back asking them to call because when I call no one EVER answers the phone.

Then a day or two later they send another automated message that says:

"Our support team replied a few days back, and just checking in to see if you still had questions. If so, you can simply reply. If everything is good, you can ignore this message." Need a refresher? Here's the history of this support request:

Save your money.
I'm sure they will read this and reach out to me now!

Summer Sheen LLC
使用應用程式 4個月

Terrible. I am not happy. I have got no support and I need help. My customers have often complained and I am trying to figure out the pricing Ect. I have asked for the 40$ liquid instalment and have got no notification on how to proceed.

使用應用程式 4個月

A real pain of an app.

I'm afraid of breaking the store any time I add or duplicate or make any modifications to a product. "Pausing" the app takes forever (literally going on half hour+) and is essential whenever making product additions or edits.

Not to mention you can't use shopify/facebook integration without it showing all of your price tiers. Plus, if you mess up on the backend, it's easy to accidentally show all of your customers all price tiers on the front end. OOPS!

The backend is clunky to use and doesn't load properly most of the time when navigating deeper within pages. Also beware, if you have a lot of different tiers, it's a mess to deal with scrolling through the browser because of how many columns -- imagine a bloated GUI excel spreadsheet. You can't tell which product you're editing for which tier without scrolling like a madman. And then my favorite part ... you finally painstakingly input all of your prices and click save... and then ... wait for it ... refresh ... NONE OF THE PRICES SAVE! TADA!

Most of the limitations and complaints may be due to Shopify constraints, but that's giving Bold the benefit of the doubt. Support is good, but this software is monstrous and scary. Most other third-party shopify integrations (stitch labs, etc...) are afraid to integrate with a store using Bold apps because they're afraid of things breaking too. Temperamental app.

I can't wait to move all of our wholesale customers over to a new system.

Save yourself the trouble and look for a different wholesale solution rather than any of these types of shopify apps -- especially this one. While it may *work*, it's way too messy.

Not quite sure how this app has so many positive reviews. Suspicious of review shilling at this point, but who knows.

使用應用程式 4個月

We are truly disappointed when this app continued to bill us $79.99 for 4 months even after uninstalling the app.

Dogs Rule World
使用應用程式 4個月

Horrible customer service. The app wont express install and it required me to open a staff account for their team to install, then i reached out but no feedback at all. I cant get a hold of them.

I will change the comment once i get help.

Chefs' Insider
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