Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale

Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale


Wholesale Pricing, Member & VIP w/ Quantity Breaks! NEW

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I have been using the app for a couple of months now, and i am not at all satisfied with it, but i also can't have my shop without it.
Just to warn others before making your shop depend on it.
First of all, support from bold is EXTREEMLY slow, so when you have an issue, prepare yourself to be really patient.
Second of all, Bold can't agree internally if this app works with their subsciption app, some say it does, other say it is compatible in some situation, and then others agian say not at all, this depends entirely on the individual you are put in contact with.
Also what bold does not tell you is YOU CAN'T USE COMPARE AT PRICES when using this app, at least that's what they told me, although it does work in some situations and not in others, i have doubts about this explanation, as it should be a general problem with compare at prices, but it just isn't, so i suspect this is just a way to go arround seriously helping me with my issue. The issue i have is that even though i have set a custom pricing at 20% the discount on the shop, some items are not discounted at all and others have the wrong discount, the explanation from bold is that i have compare at prices on my products, but this just doesn't add up cause it works on some products and not on others, so i would expect such an incompatability to result in the same issue all the time on all products, which it doesn't.
You sould also be prepared that communication with bold requires an enormeous amount of patience. Bold almost always tries to take the easy way out, which in combination with the extremly long response times, means it could take weeks to solve a simple issue. Somtimes it even feels like they misunderstand on purpose, just to postpone the issue and make you give up on the request.
Trust me on this, if you are considering using bold, move on! Try to find another app, you are really going to spend so much time discussing, explaining and pushing for an answer, it is simply not worth your time.
This is a culmination of a series of very bad experiences with bold, also with other apps from them, and every time you need help, you will feel lost and frustrated, and i think they really deserve an honest review, that explains others what to expect. Who knows maybe it will be heard somewhere in the top of the organization, so that they realize that they are just not providing the support that you would expect of an app developer of this size!


Really is a terrible app, or developers do not understand the Ecommerce Business, This app was supposed to be simple, it changed my pricing of products, disabled my google merchant shop feed because of the prices, disastrous. BEWARE and enter with caution.



Can't take advantage of Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram sales channels because all your wholesale prices will be exposed.

Not to mention, any time they do a liquid update, ALL MY WHOLESALE PRICES ARE EXPOSED ON MY WEBSITE.

NEED HELP AFTER HOURS? Forget it. I'm losing money as I write this review because I happen to not notice this happened today until now, almost 6PM CT.

I am running a sale combining this app with the Product Discount app, which works fine together, BUT after the liquid code install apparently NO ONE BOTHERED TO CHECK IF THAT HAD AN EFFECT ON MY WEBSITE, WHICH IS EXPOSING MY WHOLESALE PRICES ON ALL SALE ITEMS.

Think about it, the sale is 40-50% off retail and the WHOLESALE PRICES ON THIS SALE IS BEING EXPOSED! THAT IS MY FREAKING COST!!!

Today was the first day I tripled my Facebook Ad spend to this specific collection so I can liquidate this collection's stock and I'm getting a ton of customer service emails wondering wtf is up with the prices. They are confused and I'M LOSING SALES.

Extremely pissed.

Pci Race Radios

Had the app for years. They suggested we move to draft order pricing in December, ruined our whole site and dealer programs. Wasted about 50 hours getting it all fixed and back to the Variant version, lost thousands of dollars in lost orders.

Fast forward to April, they update something in the app and now pages won't load. Support doesn't understand anything you are saying, wasted about 60+ hours and lost tens of thousands in orders. They're basically saying our size store can't be supported by this awful app, but they had no problem supporting me paying for it. On to find a different app, I'll update when we find a good replacement so you know where to look too. Don't waste time and money on Bold apps, the support is an absolute joke. Bold does not care about customers.

Asset Drop

I wanted to use this app in combination with Recharge recurring billing software - but unfortunately it doesn't work.

This would only have been a 1 star reduction (or no review at all as I have only limited experience with the app, and it doesn't explicitly say anywhere it will be compatible with Recharge) except for the awful experience with uninstalling.

I tried to use their internal uninstall tool, which seemed to work - apart from the fact it broke every price in my store (each throwing missing liquid file exceptions). Luckily the site isn't currently live, so I reinstalled and then uninstalled via the Shopify app dashboard. This though doesn't remove any of the files/products the app has created in your system leaving you with unwanted clutter.

Essentially it seems once you install, you cant get rid of the files this app adds without breaking your store.

Nail Hub

BEWARE! This app will create options and variants for every tag and pricing group you create and causes major theme and site errors! I do not recommend this app at all. They did not clearly explain how this app affects the site even after I had requested information and then after installing their customer support was non-existent. Ended up having to clean up 4 duplicate variants across 1300 skus by myself! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS. It will mess up your site. It also does not work with coupon codes nor with 3rd party inventory systems.

Vitamins Lv

Absolutely awful customer support, we contacted 4 days ago, nobody bothered to help us properly install the app. The app installation completely screwed up the theme and regular customers couldn't put orders through.
We ended up uninstalling this and lost money over it.

Pashmina Love

Horrifying terrible plug in.
Extreme complex, overpriced, terrible nothing solving customer support.
Waste of time and money.


I've been looking for a wholesale app for awhile. Made the mistakes of not turning off groups that created a nightmare so I had to uninstall the app and vix all variants it created.

Well while looking for another app made the mistake of reinstalling this one again. Charged me $50 and didn't understand why till I realized it was the same app I tried the previous week. Cancelled it again.

BEWARE if you are not careful this app will show all your wholesale pricing to everyone and it's not an easy fix. It creates extra variants and it is time consuming as all hell

Mysexywaist Com Wholesale

I was Charged $29.99 for this app when I installed it and uninstalled it on the same day they didn't even wait the 30 free days even when I never used this app.