Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale

Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale


Wholesale Pricing, Member & VIP w/ Quantity Breaks! NEW

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Idea Chic

With all Bold Apps you must really look close at possible issues. Bugs hurt your site and customer experience. You MUST get ALL code removed. They tell you you can just uninstall but issues remain. We have asked twice to have all liquid code removed and both times they said they did. In changing themes wholesale default pricing now shows up. It is crazy. Before registration button was gone with the loyalty app. Don't walk, run from this company. Bad software.

Naild Ink

Developers forgot to disclose this on their Frontpage:


I have had this app for a few months now and been paying for the premium version. I also have multiple other bold apps. So I'm a good paying customer and they make good money from me every month. Unfortunately the support is always wishy washy. There is never a fix to a problem, always just work arounds that make everything more complicated.

If you depend on proper inventory management then this app is simply a nightmare that will make you pull out your hair! Customers in my shop can purchase as "professionals" at discounted prices if they have been approved. However, every-time a professional buys on their account the stock changes completely arbitrarily. I would have 3 items left in stock and after the customer buys there would suddenly be -6. The numbers are always very random and always negative. This leads to many items being out of stock all the time, even though their is stock and it has lost me so much money. Customers see there is no stock, they leave the site and I lose the sale. With over 5000 items in my store it is impossible to check up on each item bought after every order to see if it hasn't gone from inventory of 2 to inventory of -11.

My developer and I have opened dialogue with bold to fix this issue, but they were just talking around the point that the stock issue is noted in their READ ME docs and cannot be fixed. However, the issue is much more "buggy" than what they describe there.

They have mentioned that there are innate limitations with the Shopify system and that’s what prevents the application from working correctly. However, it doesn’t seem that there is any effort on their part to work with the Shopify team to come to a satisfactory resolution, and I’m just expected to deal with this problem.

So how can they charge any money (50 USD per month!) for an application they know will never work properly?!


Bad support, could not reply to support emails - had to cancel my account before even using it once.


Bad customer service, had to wait so long to get an answer that is not good answer and it's very complicated to know who you have to talk to.

This app bugs with many things like Facebook shop if you have sizing variants.
All prices are being visible by your Facebook followers !!

It bugs also the filters app because it create for example ( small-retail, small-wholesale...) so you have many many filter unnecessary.

It slow down the website, very much !!

The hide tags is not clever, it would have been better to make a ( -show ) tag instead of -hide, and choosing not to be visible it's the native solution of Shopify, so the default visitor don't see anything and you avoid many tags for nothing.

It double the inventory size because of the way it multiply the variants in order to the quantity of your type of pricing...

It creates to much tags that is really not friendly user and not clean in the end if you want to have a simple preview of your tags.

I don't recommand that app if you us many apps like me.


I paid for the install and it was installed properly however all the wholesale pricing showed up on my rich pins on Pinterest and Facebook, Before I could catch it, several customers order from the wholesale price. I contacted Bold and their solution was to make duplicate products of my entire store (not doing that). 90% of my traffic comes from Pinterest so I need an app that is Pinterest friendly. Not happy at all for a program that would cost me $300.00 per year.

Kendall Hartcraft

We were very excited about trying this app, this Company seems to have a lot of apps with great ideas for Shopify but so far they don't actually all pan out as planned. The setup was difficult and we even paid for the install to be done for us. (which we are still waiting for that to be refunded since we were within the trial date) It never actually worked right with the settings we used and no one would get back to us, at one point we responded to their email about fixing the issues and our response we got from them was an email saying they hope our problem is solved because they closed our support ticket! How about asking or even checking to see if the issues were fixed first? Love the app ideas, highly advise you to invest in customer service reps to help you out.

Dippin Daisys Swimwear

UPDATE: We are so sad that it has come to this! We needed to uninstall the the whole thing from our shop (removing the liquid code, undoing the changes to the theme's HTML is tedious work!). They weren't able to resolve our problems and we have tried our best to be patient with them. Bold's CSP just don't fit in to our preferences and their suggestions for a solution is defeating the purpose of why we even purchased the program in the first place. It's an incomplete program to integrate with our shop.


A real pain of an app.

I'm afraid of breaking the store any time I add or duplicate or make any modifications to a product. "Pausing" the app takes forever (literally going on half hour+) and is essential whenever making product additions or edits.

Not to mention you can't use shopify/facebook integration without it showing all of your price tiers. Plus, if you mess up on the backend, it's easy to accidentally show all of your customers all price tiers on the front end. OOPS!

The backend is clunky to use and doesn't load properly most of the time when navigating deeper within pages. Also beware, if you have a lot of different tiers, it's a mess to deal with scrolling through the browser because of how many columns -- imagine a bloated GUI excel spreadsheet. You can't tell which product you're editing for which tier without scrolling like a madman. And then my favorite part ... you finally painstakingly input all of your prices and click save... and then ... wait for it ... refresh ... NONE OF THE PRICES SAVE! TADA!

Most of the limitations and complaints may be due to Shopify constraints, but that's giving Bold the benefit of the doubt. Support is good, but this software is monstrous and scary. Most other third-party shopify integrations (stitch labs, etc...) are afraid to integrate with a store using Bold apps because they're afraid of things breaking too. Temperamental app.

I can't wait to move all of our wholesale customers over to a new system.

Save yourself the trouble and look for a different wholesale solution rather than any of these types of shopify apps -- especially this one. While it may *work*, it's way too messy.

Not quite sure how this app has so many positive reviews. Suspicious of review shilling at this point, but who knows.


UPDATE: More problems. You cannot add another product without jumping through a bunch of hoops. Waited 3 days for them to "Update" our theme, didn't fix the problem that all customers are seeing 2 pricing groups. Still not fixed. Customer service is terrible, they don't listen and rarely fix the problem on the first out reach. Excuse me while I get back in the queue and start over. YAY. Installation was pretty complicated for our Theme, so we had to pay. A lot of back and forth with the team, new people each response created confusion, and a lot of wasted time. Overall the app is pretty good, we have a bit of a unique situation, so we are trying to make it work for us.
Launching our site in 2 days, so we'll see how well it works.


Terrible. I am not happy. I have got no support and I need help. My customers have often complained and I am trying to figure out the pricing Ect. I have asked for the 40$ liquid instalment and have got no notification on how to proceed.