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23 de junio de 2023

I honestly can't tell if this app does literally anything. The banner doesn't appear in any way, shape, or form, even after trying to preview it. I haven't seen it on any browser, even if I'm using incognito mode. I've tried many different settings and configurations, but nothing seems to change. Also the opt-out aspect doesn't seem to do anything. It simply generates a page with opt-out info, no actual way to opt-out of data collection. Am I missing something here, or is this app 100% useless?

Hip Clip
Estados Unidos
3 días usando la aplicación
19 de diciembre de 2022

This isn't even the bare minimum... Since there is no opt-out function, it is impossible to have a truly GDPR-compliant Shopify website (without hiring developers to custom code something I guess?) I thought using Shopify meant I wouldn't have to learn how to code or hire developers. And I thought Shopify would help us sell worldwide (your homepage hero banner currently says "The global commerce platform"). Why do we all have to figure this out on our own? Wouldn't Shopify's developers be in the best position to build a proper opt-out app? I am embarrassed to have this banner on my shop.

Kelly Knowles Art
Estados Unidos
Casi 2 años usando la aplicación
13 de junio de 2023

The app gives no option to translate the banner, which makes it not good for an European Market. The design was nice, but such a basic feature missing really destroys the usefulness of it.

19 días usando la aplicación
15 de mayo de 2023

Popup banner and "Remove / Save Preference" feature don't work at all! Please inform me if the bugs being fixed, then I'll change the review!
Hope Shopify team can fix it asap!!
7 días usando la aplicación
25 de enero de 2023

Horrific experience. Terrible app. Absolutely ZERO support. Waste of time. I’ve submitted various help requests and nobody has called me back except for a general customer support person who only offered the following advice “reboot” or “check your internet connection” as if I’m an idiot who hasn’t done all those things first before I submitted various help requests to escalate my request to a developer. My request for developer help has been completely disregarded. Then I got the advice of “maybe ask a relative?” I was like…HUH?? Who’s running the ship over there these days, kindergartners? I’m close to just going to another web host. Shopify’s customer support is non-existent.
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 2 años usando la aplicación
19 de enero de 2023

Suprisingly bad. Doesn't block Analytics 4 (gtag.js) or Google Tag Manager and does not provide an option to change that. So it really just provides a placebo-option for users that blocks a couple but not all cookies. Good for marketing-data, bad for GDPR-Compliancy

Furniture Garden
Casi 2 años usando la aplicación
21 de enero de 2023

Absolutely pointless if you want to have a multi lingual store.

Was told by Shopify support that this integrated perfectly with Shopify's new native "Translate & Adapt" app.

No it does not.

Outshine Gaming
Reino Unido
Alrededor de 1 hora usando la aplicación
29 de noviembre de 2022

The app doesn't support Shopify's own multi-language feature, so other apps are not able to translate the cookie disclaimer. Shopify's own translation app "Translate & Adapt" also can't make the translations. Seems pretty stupid...

Flettede Fugle
Alrededor de 2 años usando la aplicación
20 de enero de 2023

No multi-language or translation capabilites makes this pretty useless for a lot of webshops. Apart from that it provides very little functionality.

14 días usando la aplicación
22 de septiembre de 2023

Useless if you are in the US selling to the US. No mention of this until taking the time to install.

Yellow Brick Coffee
Estados Unidos
5 días usando la aplicación