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10 december 2023

Why does this have such bad reviews it does exactly what it says it does. Literally all Shopify Native apps work well for what they say they're supposed to do WHY DOES EVERYONE COMPAIN SO MUCH

Great job devs, lots of value here

Pocket Pixel
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8 november 2023

I am not sure why there are so many low votes on this app. This app is for free and out of the box does what you expected it to do and it is also very easy to customize. There might not be a lot of color/theme customizations but honestly you don't need them. MOST IMPORTANTLY -> The app offer a very descriptive "Manage Preferences" option for allowing the users to customize their cookies selection a feature that you have to pay for in most other apps!

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29 december 2023

This App works fine with my store, I don't understand why there are so many negative reviews?

13 dagen gebruiken de app
2 augustus 2023

This free app was great and very easy to use. Could be better, but overall, the app does what it says.

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19 oktober 2023

It's excellent it does what it says. There is an option for GDPR in the EU and US as well.

OneTap Review
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14 augustus 2023

Thanks for making a easy to use and set up app.. You can see the app in action at our Marvel t-shirts store.

Comic T-shirts
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13 maart 2023

I use your app on my website and am completely satisfied with both the product and support. Everything works great, thanks!

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22 september 2021

I highly disagree with other reviews. It is really great designed. You have it on Black or White and it looks professional. Maybe you should add more colors to fit other stores, mine is black so the white banner fits perfectly.

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10 december 2022

I love this app! It works perfectly, and the support is amazing. They are always quick to respond and friendly. The app is super easy to use, and provides a lot of options.

Mimonz Gift
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16 augustus 2022

This app is very helpful for my store. I recommend every shopify store owner for this app. 100% free to use. I want to rate 10 stars.

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