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Customer Segmenter

Customer Segmenter

Developed by Little Stream Software

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  • The first step to having a great customer experience is to understand your customers.
  • Discover who your most loyal and best customers are, so you can recognize and acknowledge them in your marketing
  • Analyze and rank your entire customer base with RFM analysis to discover your best customer segments.

Imagine this.

You've been visiting a coffee shop every day for five years. You always order a hot cup, made exactly how you like it. You sit down at your favorite table to read the daily news.

Then the owner, who you see everyday, walks up to you and asks "Hello, first time in?"

First time? How about 1,825th time?

Not a very pleasant experience right?

You've been to that coffee shop enough that they should treat you at least like a friend, or for the sake of politeness acknowledge that you're a regular customer.

Are you treating your customer like a transaction or like a unique person?

How do you think it feels to your ecommerce customers when you treat them all the same way? Specifically, when your repeat customers are treated exactly like your first-time ones.

You have your reasons why they're treated that way. Some make sense, but others are just excuses.

It becomes difficult to tell customers apart

When you boil them all down, one big reason why you've been treating all of your customers the same is that you don't know the differences between them. They're just a mass of customers where you can't tell any apart.

Without the personal connection face-to-face retail has, it can be difficult to get to know your customers.

You're lacking the personal interaction while also drowning in customer data

Not only do you lack the personal interaction with customers, but at the same time you're drowning in data. All you have to work with is orders, payments, transactions, refunds, shipping addresses...

On one hand you don't have the personal interaction and bonding that humans have used for millennia to make connections.

On the other hand you have more data than you know what to do with, scattered across multiple systems in a disorganized ball of string.

It's no wonder that you don't know who your most loyal and valuable customers are.

If you did know who your best customers were, you could focus on them to grow your revenue. But instead, your store is acting like that coffee shop where everyone is treated the same.

What if you could recognize and acknowledge your best customers?

What if things were able to change?

What if that robotic, clueless coffee shop could instead actually recognize you and acknowledge your patronage?

It could create a pleasant experience for you, feeding not only your coffee habit but your emotional and social need to feel respected and to belong. Your entire relationship with that shop would change, and you'd start bringing everyone you know there because you'd want to share this special feeling with your friends.

What if your best customers felt the same way about your Shopify store? What if they loved shopping at your store not because of the products and because your prices are cheaper, but because you treated them better and made them feel like they are part of your close group of friends.

You'd gain your customers' trust and build an actual relationship

You'd have their trust and they'd buy from you before anyone else.

You'd be the store they'd think of when they talk to their friends.

You'd be part of their life.

All of this would happen because your store treated them better and respected the relationship that you've built with them.

The first step is to learn about your best customers

Going from impersonal, robotic store to "this store is my best friend" is possible. The first step is learning about your best customers so you can begin to treat them better.

Discover your best customer segments with the Customer Segmenter

Well, you can, with my Customer Segmenter Shopify app.

You'll be equipped with a Customer Segment Report that reports on who your most loyal and valuable customers are.

It collects data from multiple areas of Shopify and unites them into a single customer grade, easily showing you who your best customers are.

Use the same RFM analysis that big stores have used for decades

One algorithm Customer Segmenter uses is Customer RFM, which was pioneered by the big catalog stores in the early 90s and was only available to the large commerce enterprises until recently. It analyzes each customer on three criteria to rank them against the rest of your customer base:

  • Recency, how recent has this customer order from you? Because the more fresh the customers memory of your store, the better chance you'll have of engaging with them.

  • Frequency, how often this customer has ordered? Because repeated exposures to your store and its brand will add familiarity and trust.

  • Monetary, how much has this customer has spent? Because all else the same, the better customers have spent more and made a larger commitment to your store and products.

Simple customer segmented using grades

All of these metrics are combined along with others to give you a simple grade for each customer:

  • A - these customers are your best customers and you should focus 80% of your attention on them

  • B - these customers are good and have a chance to become your best customers with time and attention

  • C - these customers are okay and are contributing to your store, but are borderline

  • D - these customers are doing poorly and are at risk of leaving your store

  • F - these customers have either abandoned your store, or are on their way out

With just a single grade to monitor, managing your best "A" customers becomes easy. You'll be able to target each segment with exactly what they need to grow and improve.

Get started today, with a free trial

You can get started with Customer Segmenter right away and have your first report ready within minutes.

  1. Click the green Get button (or right here) to install Customer Segmenter.

  2. We'll ask you to confirm your Shopify store.

  3. Your free, 14-day trial will begin.

  4. We'll start analyzing your customers and grading each one.

  5. Within a few minutes your entire customer base will be analyzed.

  6. As customers order they'll automatically be re-graded and updated in the report.

That's it. There's no configuration required to get started. All you have to do is install Customer Segmenter, check the grades, and then use the grades within your customer retention and marketing campaigns.

Eric Davis

P.S. The first step to having a great customer experience is to understand your customers. Install Customer Segmenter today and start treating your best customers like the stars that they are.

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