Customer Tags

Customer Tags

by Union Works Apps

Auto tag & bulk tag customers

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Auto Tag & Bulk Tag Customers

Customer Tagger auto applies customer tags to highlight or group a customer based on order activity. Bulk update customer tags to segment.

Benefits Of Customer Tags

Customer tags are used to segment lists or control access to your store. Using a tagger allows you to auto tag without manual intervention.

Why use Customer Tags?

A customer tag can be used to manage discounts, control access and present unique information on your website and much more!

About Customer Tags

What are customer tags?

A Customer Tag is used to categories or organise customers into groups. Customer tags can be used to control which customers are able to use certain discount codes. Tags can also be used to prevent a customer from accessing a particular area of the site or revealing/hiding certain pages based on the customers tags. However, most merchants used customer tags to segment their customers into marketing lists based on their purchase behaviour.

What does Customer Tagger do?

Customer Tagger will read information about the order and then apply an auto tag against the customer record. A merchant can create rules in the tagger to tag customers based on what they buy, how much they spend and much more.

These auto tags can then be used to segment marketing lists, control access or manage discounts, as described above.

What rules can I create to auto tag customers?

  • Tag customer based on products/variants purchased
  • Tag customer based on collections they buy from
  • Tag customer based on how much they spend either in an order or lifetime spend.
  • Tag customer based on how many times they have ordered on your site.
  • Tag customer when they abandoned their cart
  • Tag customer when they create an account
  • Tag customer when they use a specific discount code
  • Tag customer if they order using a specific email domain
  • Tag customer based on the tags of the products they order
  • Tag customer based on the product vendors within their order
  • Tag customer based on which POS location they buy from
  • Tag customer based on their existing customer tags
  • Tag customer based on their shipping address postcode/zipcode
  • Tag customer based on their billing address postcode/zipcode
  • Tag customer based on their shipping or billing country
  • Tag customer based on their shipping or billing county/state

Applying your customer tag rules to past orders in bulk

Once you have setup your rules you can then apply them to all the orders within your Shopify store. This allows you to manage customers in bulk. Backdating rules means you can quickly bulk add tags to customer records and prepare quickly for email segmentation.

Auto remove tags using tag expiry

Some rules in Customer Tagger will allow you to set a timed expiry against the tag. This means after X days the tag is removed if they don't perform a certain action in that time.

Why auto tags save valuable time

Using our tagger rules and applying auto tags to customers allows you to setup a segmentation system where customers fall automatically into marketing lists. It removes the need to manually group and manage customers as you can use the tags to trigger email automations from your email service provider - ask us how we can help save you time using customer tagging.

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Customer auto tags


Apply your rules to past orders $10 for first 1000 orders processed, then $1 for every 1000 orders after that

  • Auto tag customers based on order activity

  • Apply your rules to past orders

  • Bulk tagging for fast segmentation

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
5.0 of 5 stars
Based on 18 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Headphone Zone

Great app. Very easy to use. Steve is very helpful. Just a bit unhappy with how expensive their backdate operation costs, especially for large stores like ours.

Developer reply

October 14, 2019

Thanks for the great review, it is much appreciated... Unfortunately, backdating in both our Order Tagger and Customer Tagger apps is something that requires a large amount of time and server resource to deliver, which is unfortunately why we need to charge extra for the service. We've tried to keep the pricing as low as possible to cover the increased resources that these tasks consume. Please let us know if you need to backdate your rules and we'll see what we can do. Thanks again for the review!!


First of all, excellent customer service. Speedy responses, super helpful.
The app itself is brilliant. We really needed a way to tag customers so we could sort them better. Now, we can better target our customers based on their tags. Thank you!

Developer reply

October 2, 2019

Thanks for the great review Chaya! Glad we could help!


Communication with Sam at Customer Tagger has been exceptional. During our trial period Sam was very helpful in resolving a solution that saved us lots of time and on-boarded our product tags efficiently. Highly impressed with these guys and if the App works as well as their customer service, this will be a well valued App. Thanks Sam you guys rock!