Customer Tags and Segments

Customer Tags and Segments

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Smart segmentation using auto tags for customers

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Shopify Email Segmentation

Use multi-condition workflows to apply and remove tags to customer records based on buyer behaviour, to create customer segments.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Use tags to leverage marketing automation and tailor your communications with customers based on where they are in the customer lifecycle.

Single Source of Truth

Keep your Shopify Email customer list as the single source of truth and use tags to trigger actions across different marketing platforms

Customer Tags and Segments 정보

What are customer tags?

A Customer Tag is used to categorise or organise customers into groups. For example, customer tags can be used to control the usage of discount codes. Tags can also be used to control access to certain areas of your store. The majority of our Merchants use customer tags to segment their customers into marketing lists based on their purchasing behaviour.

Create Customer Groups for Shopify Email

You can use Customer Tagger alongside Shopify Email to create customer groups for your marketing campaigns. Set up the workflows and backdate to quickly create a niche group of customers

What does Customer Tagger do?

You can create workflows in Customer Tagger to tag customers based on what they buy, how much they spend or where they are located etc. When an order is placed, the app will run your workflows against the order and will then apply or remove tags if the workflow is matched.

These auto tags can then be used to segment marketing lists, control access or manage discounts, as described above.

What Customer Segments can I create?

Use the multi-condition workflow builder to create customer segments such as:

  • Bargain Hunters - shops in the sales
  • Loyal Customers - purchased multiple times
  • Brand Advocates - Subscribed to marketing
  • Big Spenders - Spend over a certain amount
  • Trend Setters - Shops in the New In collections
  • Locals - Customers nearby
  • Students - Shopping with student email
  • Location - shipping country
  • Lifestyle - Type of products they buy
  • New Customers - first-time order
  • Repeats - 2nd-time order
  • Champions - top customers
  • Cart Abandoners - have browsed but not ordered
  • Early risers - buy in the mornings
  • Night owl - buy late at night
  • Campaign driven - responded to an ad

Applying your customer tag workflows to past orders in bulk

Set up your segments and then backdate them for your previous customers! This allows you to curate a specific customer list and create a marketing campaign in Shopify Email or other EMP's

Workflows to remove and expire tags

Use Tag expiry and remove tags workflow to keep customers relevant and in the correct segment

Why automatic tagging saves valuable time

Using our tagger workflows and applying auto tags to customers allows you to set up a segmentation system where customers fall automatically into marketing lists. It removes the need to manually group and manage customers as you can use the tags to trigger email automation from your email service provider - ask us how we can help save you time using customer tagging.

Shopify Flow Connector

Plus Merchants can utilise our Shopify Flow Connector to trigger creative workflows. Customer Tagger will send a trigger into Shopify Flow once it has processed a new order.

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Apply your workflows to past orders $10 for first 1000 orders processed, then $2 for every 1000 orders after that

  • Auto tag customers based on order activity
  • Apply your workflows to past orders
  • Bulk tagging for fast segmentation



Apply your workflows to past orders $10 for first 1000 orders processed, then $2 for every 1000 orders after that

  • Basic Plan +
  • Shopify Plus Flow Connector

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Going into a new product launch, I needed a way to bulk tag thousands of orders, so I could offer a loyalty discount to existing users of my various software products. This app allowed me to handle that in a few clicks, at the last minute, going into a launch. Not only that, it did so with 100% accuracy and was very fast considering how many records had to be processed. Seriously, I don't know what I would have done without this app!

개발자 회신

2021년 10월 5일

Thanks for taking the time to leave us this great review! We're really pleased to hear that our backdating facility has helped you to segment your Customers ahead of your product launch. Good luck with the launch!

Shine Pet Food Co.

This app very simply fills a major gap in Shopify's functionality. It's SO easy to use and support is super responsive and helpful. Thanks to Stu for helping us to get up and running. Highly recommend!

개발자 회신

2021년 10월 4일

Hi Lisa, thanks for the kind review. Great to hear you've found the app easy to use and tag orders based on POS location. All the best!


very simple App, which is easy to understand. Excellent und quick Support Team. Minor adaptions are done right away by the developer term.

개발자 회신

2021년 9월 13일

Hi Andreas, thanks for the review. We were happy to help. All the best!