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Recommendation Engine

Recommendation Engine

Developed by MLveda

11 reviews
Price: Free More info
  • Boost your sale by showing amazon type recommendations to your customers.
  • Only recommendation app which starts working immediately post installation.
  • Experienced data scientist team behind the recommendation algorithms which keeps on improving.

The app is in promotion stage and is lifetime FREE for first 50 customers. So, what are you waiting for?

The App

In the era of information blast, it is an essential for every store to help customers find products of their interest quickly. The best recommendations are of type "Customers who viewed this also viewed" because Amazon and all the other major e-commerce sites all round the world use them. Our app is the only recommendation app which gives this type of recommendations along with manual recommendations.

Best Recommendations

The app uses latest techniques in data science to generate daily recommendations. This app will allow every store to have same quality of recommendations which big companies like Amazon, Flipkart have.

Real Time Recommendation Generation

Unlike other recommendation apps, this app starts generating recommendations as soon as users visit products post installation. Other recommendation apps take upto a day to generate and update recommendations.


The app runs sophisticated algorithms and utilize heavy data processing servers in background. However, it is free for first 50 customers.


We are well known for our post installation support for our other apps like https://apps.shopify.com/auto-currency-switcher . For any query, send an email to shopify@mlveda.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We provide free support for the app.

Recommendation Engine reviews

11 reviews
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I have another mlveda app; It's wonderful and normally their communication concerning that app is great. With this app, however, not only does the app not work, they also do not respond to emails concerning this app. Uninstalling the app.


não funciona, tentei cinco vezes e não funciona


Do not work on my website.Do not work on my website.


your app has caused my site to grind to a halt with pages loading sometimes for five minutes while it tries to load your app it says so in the bottom right corner of the page "waiting for MLveda.com" i'm serious it takes 5 minutes and when my site gives up on loading whatever it is loading from your site it loadsin an instant .. heres a screenshot http://i.imgur.com/JEeg3Sj.png i can not get into your app because i get 504 Gateway Time-out i cant do anything and this is effecting my business now . I need this app gone as soon as possible i need help removing this . I went to your company site and tried finding you on twitter but you were suspended ... tried your facebook and again that was also suspended ... your linked in link returns a We're sorry, but the company you are looking for does not exist.NOT happy ... NOT happy at all


I let the app install. I visited many products on my site per the product advertisement and the app does not appear to be working. I will give it a day or so to see if it does in fact work, if not I will delete it. There is nothing appearing on my site to show recommendations.


Sorry, brought my store to a screeching halt. Really slow, sometimes product pages didn't ever finish loading while trying to load these scripts. Had to uninstall.


Have had it installed for a few weeks now and it works well for me. It's free and give an essential feature to your shop. Did not need support so can't comment on that!


Decent app, it worked a bit on the first day I installed it but didn't seem to keep working as well. There are similar apps out there that are also Free that I prefer at this time.



Very nice app. I am very happy with this app, it gives more credibility to my store.
Even the support team is very fast and very cordial team.
Thank you for this app.


Very Good App, easy to install. Thank-you for creating


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