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9 de agosto de 2019

Common theme here ... App install instructions dont work and Raj very helpful. And the price is great !!! Sure, Raj is helpful once you give him admin credentials for your site, and he's dying for a 5 star rating on first contact. Cmon People ... Dont fall for this. Dont give anyone admin creds TO YOUR BUSINESS for anything.

How about they fix the install instructions so things work the first time. ??
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 10 horas usando la aplicación
Centous Solutions respondió 9 de agosto de 2019

I have checked the instruction video is working perfectly at our end.
If you send staff account invitation then we can also check and fix that issue which you face.
Also, we didn't ask anyone to put 5-star rating.
Thanks for your feedback

19 de enero de 2021

My customers, could just complete the buying process without even uploading a picture or inserting text. I then tested it myself... You can just buy the product and skip the required information. And that´s beside i marked, that it is required for the customer.
So now i have tons of work and reparation to do. Thank you for this useless app.

Shin Sekai OP
Alrededor de 5 horas usando la aplicación
Centous Solutions respondió 19 de enero de 2021


Sorry for your inconvenience.

If the customers are not able to upload an image then please allow us to check because sometimes theme JS conflicts on the product page.

Fecha de modificación: 9 de abril de 2020

Worst app ever and it lags without much compatibility and lacks basic functionality such as text,colors ,etv..i don't recommend to use this app.I have uninstalled as soon as i have installed. I was charged the bill without even using it.I want the refund.Can you help to to get that the developer?

King Kong Apa-Your Trend Buddy
14 minutos usando la aplicación
Centous Solutions respondió 10 de abril de 2020


I don't think so you have read the app details mentioned above.
In the first line, we had written: "Product Infinite Options app allows store admin to create dynamic fields on the product page it can be the text, long text, radio, dropdown and image field."

Also, this app used by more than 1000+ stores.

I didn't know your aim behind writing false reviews.

But if you still want support then we can provide you.


1 de abril de 2021

very basic app. Not worth the money or install. Unless there is coding involved and you need support help to solve it, it's too much trouble.

11 minutos usando la aplicación
Centous Solutions respondió 2 de abril de 2021

Hi there,

Our app is already working fine in many stores. They are not facing any installation issues. There is no extra coding needed so you just need to enable the app and assign the tag to those products where you want to show your created fields.

if you face any issue we are happy to help you!


14 de enero de 2019

Waste of time and money. Does not do what it suppose to do, and brings the error message all the time

Notre Fleur
Reino Unido
8 minutos usando la aplicación
9 de octubre de 2019

Its seems to be impossible to choose different options for different products . All selected products have the same options. That is completely useless. No trial, you have to pay to find that out.

6 minutos usando la aplicación
Centous Solutions respondió 10 de octubre de 2019

More than 150+ stores are using this app and using this app admin can create multiple fields that showing on all products or specific products but there is no feature on which you can create different fields for each product. We are always ready to refund the amount if the customer is not satisfied with the app.