Custom Product Builder

Custom Product Builder


Custom Options. Live Preview Product Customizer & Personalizer

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Customize & Personalize

Offer 'Build Your Own Product' Experience: Live Preview From Every Angle. Conditional Logic. Gallery w/ 3D & Video. Inventory Management.

Unlimited Options. Bundle Mode

Image / Color Thumbnails, Recoloring On The Fly, Bundle Builder Mode, Price Calculation Based on Dimensions, Quantity Breakdown. Neon Signs

Printable Areas + Wholesale

Live Preview of Uploaded Photos / Artwork / Logos / Monograms / Text. (PNG, SVG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, WEBP) Interactive Printable Areas.

有關 Custom Product Builder

Product customizer (Build Your Own Product) + product personalizer (Text & Artwork) + live preview + inventory management + bundle builder + dimensions based calculator.

Ideal for Design Your Own:

  • Clothes

  • Accessories

  • Bags

  • Furniture

  • Pet Toys

  • Sports Accessories & Trophies

  • Wheeled Devices

  • Accessories for Mobile Devices

  • Gifts & Promotional Products

  • Print On Demand Products

  • Neon Signs

  • Dimension / Weight Priced Products

Product Customizations:

Color Thumbnails: Product color options listed as HEX color thumbnails. Recolor product images on the fly into any color. (i.e fabric, texture, material)

Printable Area: An interactive area for adding & moving around / rotating / scaling images & text. (i.e: T-Shirt Designer)

Image Upload: Shoppers can upload and preview images in pre-defined positions. (i.e: Logos, Artwork, Photos)

Text Monogram Field: Shoppers can enter text (including curved text) w/ live preview. Custom fonts or 100s of the pre-uploaded Google Fonts. Users can select font family, color, size. Single line or Multiple lines. Neon effect.

Image Thumbnails: Product options listed as image thumbnails. (i.e: Collar Type, Diamond Cut)

Text Thumbnails: Product options listed as text thumbnails. (i.e: Sizes, Pre-filled text templates)

Text Engraving For Wholesale: Wholesalers can add unique engraving per each item in the order. (i.e: Trophies, T-shirts, Gifts, Business Cards).

Wholesale Order / Size Breakdown: Split the total qty into multiple qty fields. Total qty calculated as a sum of several fields for quantity. (i.e: Wholesale purchase order with different sizes, models, colors).

Quantity: An input field for choosing item quantity.

Quantity Breakdown: Offer price discounts based on the volume purchased. (For example 10-100: $1, 101-200: $0.5 etc.)

Deposit: Set a deposit % amount of total product price to be charged at the checkout. In this case, final price will be added to the product details in the order and the customer will have to pay only deposit at first.

Autocomplete Input Field: An input field with autofill for whole numbers from a to z. (i.e: Number of Portions)

Date & Time Picker: A date picker with YY - MM - DD HH : MM options. (i.e: Pick Up Time)

Calculate Fields: The power of Open Office Calc at your fingerprints. Run complex calculations & formulas on backend to get the right price on the frontend. (i.e: display price based on Width, Height, Weight of material: fabric, stone, glass etc)

Bundle Builder Mode: Each selected option by the customer adds as a separate product to the cart. (i.e: Gift Basket)

Additional Price Field: An individual price field that is used for one time fees. (i.e: Tips)

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定價 30 天免費試用

Product Options

每月 $7.99

  • No Live Preview
  • All Custom Options are Available
  • Price Change
  • Unlimited Products
  • Tabs
  • Logic
  • Formulas
  • Free Demo / Setup Call

Product Builder

每月 $15

  • Everything in Product Options Plan
  • Live Preview
  • File Upload
  • Bundle Builder
  • Quantity/Size Breakdown
  • SKU Generation

Live Customizer

每月 $40

  • Everything in Product Builder Plan
  • Printable Areas
  • Custom Coloring Layers
  • Text Layers
  • Integration
  • Bundle Builder Mode


每月 $60

  • Full Version
  • Wholesale Order
  • Inventory Management
  • High Resolution Export up to 4999px

* 所有費用均以 USD 計價。
** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

4.7 5 顆星


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MiSiPi Design

After some issues to start with the app working with my theme, the support team worked hard to find a solution, when many other apps would have just said sorry, not compatible for you. This was never said, they kept going at it until it was solved and I am thrilled. Great app (and yes, to start you night be overwhelmed, but one training call with them, its not so hard and you can do, I promise). This app is a must if you want to step up your custom product experience for your customer.

Millow Paris

It has been two weeks that we have been waiting for the support to operate on our website to make the app compatible with our theme, support seems to be extremely unreactive even if answers are given by telling us "we will operate shortly". For the moment I don't recommend the application if your theme is not in the list of compatible ones, for the others on the other hand, it seems very promising although a little expensive in its version with the most functions.


Very nice app and very helpful customer support. In many time we do have some setting problem so having a team which responds to various requests and quickly is great and nice .We are happy work with them and enjoying the APP.