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Developed by Custora

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  • Earn more from every customer you acquire.
  • Find loyal customers with predictive customer lifetime value (CLV) analysis.
  • Keep customers returning: test, refine, and automate tailored e-mail marketing.

Hello Shopify,

We're Custora. Our software uses predictive science to help retailers earn more from each customer. The "earn more" part has to do with finding better customers, and keeping them coming back. There's more detail on how this works below, and we invite you to also check out our tour.

A handfull of Shopify stores including Diamond Candles -- along with some other well known businesses such as Fab, Etsy, and Threadless -- have all seen great results with our software.


Quickly learn the long term value for customers from every channel. Acquisition optimization starts now.

Acquisition Feedback: Accelerated

The Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Dashboard combines pattern recognition and predictive modeling to evaluate your acquistion efforts - even campaigns you started last week. Re-invest on what's attracting great customers, and pull back on what's not. More

Track Customers Over Time

Cohort analysis examines customer acquisition over time. Learn how your share of new vs. returning customers evolves as your business grows, and gauge how your business is performing. More


Discover your best opportunities to earn more from existing customers.
Then customize email marketing based on each customer’s lifecycle status.

Focus Where It Counts

Know your “relationship status” with every customer. Distinguish between those who have yet to make a purchase (“Members”) all the way to those customers who may be gone for good (“Lost”). Custora shows you where to start. More

Take Action with 1:1 Marketing, Earn More

Test, refine and automate new marketing ideas with the lifecycle marketing manager. Custora suggests which ideas are likely to succeed, learns what’s working, and automatically continues the best campaigns. More


We're new to shopify, but here's what our other customers are saying:

Custora goes beyond reporting, helping to uncover true insights about our customers - then they make it easy to test and refine marketing strategies.
They have been a key resources for us as we work towards our goal of delivering relevant content to customers with each touchpoint.

— Deena Bahri, VP Marketing, Birchbox.com

The predictions regarding the value of a Fab iPad customer are striking.

— Jason Goldberg, Co-founder & CEO, Fab.com

Out of the box, Custora provides us with valuable insights - both at a high level and all the way down to the individual customer level. They bring the absolute latest techniques around to help us understand the behavior of our customers.

— Roberto Medri, Head of Analytics at Etsy.com

$1,499.00 / month

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