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  • Always show results, even if you don't carry the searched product
  • Improve your search & Product mix with our analytics
  • Monetize from abandoning users

Always show results

Cymbio is a result driven cloud solution which allows your store to always have results for users' search queries! Cymbio blends seamlessly to the results page on your website, and adds relevant results from your website thus turns lost opportunities to new ones by directing the users back to the funnel.
Cymbio is free and takes less than 5 minutes to install

Product Mix Optimization

Cymbio provides you with weekly reports about your most searched products, products that are looked for on your website and are not found on your website. Cymbio will suggest you ways to optimize your product mix and monetize more.

Real Time Reports

Cymbio offers a clean and simple online dashboard that will allow you to know what products are searched for on your website in real time.

A New Monetization Channel

Cymbio also allows you to monetize with no extra inventory or marketing! If you wish, with only one click of a button, when a user searches for a non existing product on your website, Cymbio will also (in addition to your relevant products) display your users with the exact match product that they searched for, from the web and will allow you to monetize from products that you don't carry in stock. Displaying products from the web is optional and can be configured via our Admin Panel.


what's better service than always giving your customers what they want?! With Cymbio this is exactly what you offer!

Now Supporting 9 Languages

Cymbio support the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Hindu, Japanese, Chinese & Hebrew.

Want to see a live DEMO?

Visit our Shopify Demo Store.

Cymbio reviews

19 reviews
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  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

This app is awesome! I love having things show up when people search for something I don't have! Love it! www.hamikagothicfashions.com


Really nice apps, Highly recommended.


Amazing app. Does just what it said it can do. Install was quick and had no issues. A must have for any online store.


Would've loved to use this app. Uninstalled. Just like the last reviewer I had this app installed, and it's stuck at 5% for several hours which the app says it would only take a few mins to load.

If it ever gets fixed I'll try again.


stuck on "Product selection will be available after import is completed" at 109% for 2 days now ! all adblock, or script blocking on browser is turned off, plus my website (parallax theme) still shows no results from cymbio. checked themes entire liquid files, looks ok.


Love it! Easy to install and amazingly responsive for any and all questions! Fully recommend the app.


Easy to install and it tested just fine. It seems to be a very handy APP to have, I say this is a keeper.


Thank you for you support! It war really helpful! Now I'm sure my store will never show "No Results" ever again.

Mopixie Store - Unique & Fun Gifts at Lowest Price with Free Shipping


Installed and instantly was getting relevant results! Love the ease of use and will work great for a new store with not a lot of full categories!


Great Application. Just started using and I can start to see the potential of this app. I am looking forward to the potential it can bring to my website!


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