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Daily Deal - Product Discounts

Daily Deal - Product Discounts

Developed by Grizzly Apps

105 reviews
Price: Free – $9.95 / month Free Trial: 15 days More info
  • We believe that a Great Experience combined with Intuitive Functionality will encourage your customers to Spread the Word about your store and Come Back for more.
  • We strive for excellence and that’s why we’ve built 2 Remarkable Countdowns, a User Friendly Interface and a Beautiful Design to top it all off.
  • With our app you can Increase your Sales by Scheduling Daily Deals in a matter of seconds or setting Promotional Prices on any of your products and for any occasion (holidays, weekends, busy hours etc.)

Free for Shopify Development Stores

Our app is free to use for Shopify Development Stores. We know merchants try to save as much money as possible when launching their business so they can now try all our apps for free while their store is in development.

New Features

  • Select all your products and create a promotion with them, with just 1 click

  • You can now add countdowns to product collections, related products, search results or any other type or product list

  • Choose between 600+ Google Fonts for the Countdown Title

Very Easy to Use

With Daily Deal you can instantly Create Promotions for your Products or Collections.

You do this by Setting a Discount, fixed (i.e. 5$) or percentage (i.e. 10%), and Selecting the Products or Variants you want the discount to apply to. That's it!

Once the promotion is running, your original prices are set as the "Compare at price” and the new discounted prices will be set as the main price, something similar to this (depending on your theme):

Original Price: $24.99

Special Price: $19.99 (You save $5.00)

Discount 1000s of Products at once

You can discount as many products as you want with a single promotion. And after it ends, the prices will revert back to the original prices.

Beautiful Countdowns & Scheduled Promotions

You can schedule your promotions to run for a limited time or start in the future by simply adding the Start Date/Time and End Date/Time when creating the promotion.

By doing this, one of our eye catching countdowns will appear on your product pages, Motivating Your Customers to buy more and fast before the deal ends.

Here is a look at our two countdowns in action!

Daily Deals page

Easily create a Daily Deals page to show all your current running deals with countdowns, incentivising your customers even more. Here's an example:

5 Star Support

We believe a great app requires the same level of customer support. We are available any day of the week to respond to any questions you might have or offer any type of assistance.

A message to our customers - Why we do what we do

We believe in not only making great apps, but remarkable apps that truly stand out in your customers eyes. We are passionate about what we do and we want to leave you and your customers with a smile on your face after you experience our apps :)

Daily Deal - Product Discounts reviews (105)


Working well for use, we already have traffic to our site and this now lets us put items on sale and show an end date, we always see sales jump up on the items on the last 24 hours so we know it is working.
Thanks for the support
Robin, from expert island a store full of things you didn't know you wanted.



this is a great application.

when do you plan to add scheduled promotions? this was mentioned in early 2016 and 2017 has come... let's make it happen.


If you use AJAX you can't even access the backend. You get a 500 Internal Server Error.

If they could fix that, this app would be great (5 Star) It's just extremely buggy


WOW JUST WOW, the day of black friday 500 server error and 0 support. GET IT TOGETHER. I am glad I had bold product discount. This is a shame as their support all year was good but now thats its down to the wire, they cant handle it? REALLY? You would think they would be all over it for black friday


Absolutely the easiest way to launch a sale. The app isn't complicated and very easy to install. You setup you sale and forget about it. It's that simple.


It didnt work, we tried to create examples of just one or two products and it never worked. When we tried to set it up for all of our products, it said it would take over 10 hours to show up.......


No complaints here everything is working well. I love the app and its really has changed the game for my business


awesome colombian jeans this is app is awesome i recommend it increase our sales thanks


So it dose the job quite well,
First time we used it all went smooth,

Second time..
( not so good ) due to the attack that happened on Oct 21st 2016 it showed an error and the status was pending.
( that is after the discount started ) which means that the shop was on 50% discount for double the time it should have been..

Given the status pending you will not be able to do anything at all. Nor cancel to then create negative discount to get the prices right.. nor undo it.

so I ended up fixing the products prices manually.
( export | double the price | import again )
which brings up the question why do i have the app if I have to do it Manually ?
- the answer is that there are some scenario in which doing so will casue the inventory to be out of sync given a high traffic store.

Keep in mind that the support team are friendly ~

Side Notes:
you wont be able to plan the offers on the same item.
which is an un cool limitation. ( I do understand why its there. but If the application is time aware, and the two promotions are is at least 2 hours apart enough time assure that the change in prices. took place.)

The application is not bad but this event will make me think before I use it again..


They've been AMAZING!

Amazing support and I love this app! :-)

Thank you to the team

Free – $9.95 / month

Free to use for Shopify Development Stores.

15 days

Support & Sales

Grizzly Apps
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