Payments & Refunds PDF Report

Payments & Refunds PDF Report

開發者:Kalis Media

Get daily PDF reports directly to your e-mail!


Super easy setup

No coding skills required. Install the app, let the app scan your orders and you are ready to go!

Daily, weekly or monthly

The app will email you PDF reports daily, weekly or monthly, with all transactions, refunds and taxes included.

Taxes on partial refunds

Shopify does not calculate taxes on partial refunds. With this app, taxes are calculated even if you refund just 10% of the item price!

有關 Payments & Refunds PDF Report

The Daily Orders & Refunds Reports app was created by Shopify store owners, for Shopify store owners. We run several Shopify stores in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland ourselves, and were tired of spending multiple hours each month on creating reports for accounting. Thats why we created this app.

Daily Orders & Refunds Reports makes it super easy to generate PDF reports for selected time ranges. The reports will also automatically be emailed to you - daily, weekly or monthly.

In the reports you will get a list of all daily order amounts, refunds, gross sales, tax, net sales and payment methods - all you need for accounting.

What makes this app unique?

This app can calculate taxes on custom refunds. Lets say a customer complains about a product, but the easiest solution is for the customer to keep the product, and get a refund that is less than 100% of the product price. If you refund 50% of the product price, Shopify does not calculate taxes on the refund. This app does.


  • generate reports for selected time ranges
  • automatically email the reports to your accounting, daily, weekly or monthly
  • view or download the reports as PDF
  • calculates taxes on custom refunds
  • get a list of all daily order amounts, refunds, gross sales, tax, net sales and payment methods ..and more to come!

Getting started

This app requires zero technical skills. To get started, simply log in and let the app scan your orders. Once all the orders has been scanned, you can start to generate your reports.

Please note that this app was created for shops with only one tax-setting. If you ship to different tax-zones, the tax calculated by this app will not be correct.

Disclaimer: This app has been tested at all our stores, and all calculations are accurate. In the bottom of each PDF generated, there will be a quick link to the reporting in Shopify, so you can cross-check all numbers. Kalis Media is not responsible for any accounting errors caused by using this app.

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