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Machine Learning by DAR.WIN

Machine Learning by DAR.WIN

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  • Explosive sales growth with personalized product recommendations (20%+ increase in some stores) across your entire site
  • Razor-sharp insights on inventory heat with *actionable* cart abandonment insights
  • Data-driven Visitor Profile system for focused and cost-effective marketing segmentation (Facebook, Email, Instagram and more)

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DAR.WIN - Machine Learning for Shopify

DAR.WIN saves you time, makes you money, and improves your customer experience from the moment its installed - using the power of personalization, automation and machine learning for ecommerce. Finally, we're bringing the advanced behavior modeling that powers ecommerce titans to shop-owners just like you - and it's free to get started.

"DAR.WIN is extremely informative and provides detailed analytics at a glance, and has a great array of features that you can custom fit for your needs.

It's also extremely easy to use."

- Webshop Admin at Gagosian, one of our prized clients

Under the hood, DAR.WIN scans your site with Natural Language Processing (NLP) to build a context for each page and product. DAR.WIN then tracks each visitor, what they click on and what products they interact with. DAR.WIN segments traffic into Visitor Profiles to then optimize and personalize parts of your Shopify store using Machine Learning, and uses this rich business intelligence in a variety of innovative ways to improve your sales strategy.

Learn more about DAR.WIN's tool set, including:


With DAR.WIN you can expect to increase the number of products shown to users, optimized for what those visitors want to see.

DAR.WIN is built by a world-class team, on a world-class platform. Installing DAR.WIN on your Shopify store will give you the advantage you need to be competitive in the marketplace.

With DAR.WIN, you get:

  • Intelligent product recommendations powered by Machine Learning

  • Ability to define custom visitor profiles to identify and target unique customers

  • Peer into the behavior of your visitors with our advanced Visitor Explorer

  • See what ad click, social media post, or email campaign your different visitor profiles are responding to

  • Custom recommendations slider to match the look and style of your Shopify store

  • Machine Learning predictive technology that gets smarter over time

  • Powerful tools that provide actionable tasks for your store


Once DAR.WIN is installed, we start collecting and syncing information about your Shopify store, the products you are selling and who visits your store.

Specifically, DAR.WIN tracks:

  • What site or source your visitors come from

  • What pages and products your visitors go to

  • What products your visitors visit

  • What product recommendations are clicked on

  • What products are added to carts

  • What product are purchased (variation, price, quantity)

  • Where the visitor was visiting from

  • Where the order was shipped to

DAR.WIN then scans your site using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to build a context for each of your pages and products.

The system then uses our proprietary Machine Learning models to predict what type of visitors come to your site.

Our models are retrained regularly with new information about your users to get more intelligent over time.

You can define custom Visitor Profiles with our Visitor Creator that allow you to group the visitors of your site into different profiles. For example, if you sell outdoor gear, you may want to define a "Hiker" or a "Canoer". For a Hiker, you could specify terms like 'Map', 'Trek', 'Hiking pole', and others that DAR.WIN will use to help identify a visitor of this type. You can add and remove terms over time to find sweet spots in your visitor types. DAR.WIN uses the analysis of our NLP scan to suggest keywords that might be relevant for this visitor type.

Enable optimized recommendations with the DAR.WIN Recommendation Widget to provide personalized product recommendations. This will add a customizable slider to your Product Detail Page template file (product.liquid).



Use our free tier to get yourself setup and try out some of the most advanced machine learning tech available. Upgrade to one of our usage plans once you really hit your stride! Paid plans range from $29.95 / mo to $129.95 / mo

With each plan, you will not only have access to some amazing software, but you'll be working with some of the best and brightest in the software world. DAR.WIN is brought to you by world class engineers, software developers and ecommerce experts. We are a team located in Brooklyn, NY that has 20 years of experience in software and ecommerce, dedicated to providing you with the best software and experience for your Software shop.


To get started, click the “GET” button on the DAR.WIN Shopify App listing page!

A few clicks later, you’ll have the smartest product recommendations available on the Internet!

Just an FYI, DAR.WIN needs some products and some page view data to work. It is ideal to install DAR.WIN right before you launch to start tracking data early and often! DAR.WIN works best with product recommendations enabled, so click the "Add to Theme" button on the Recommendations page.

Use free tier plan to determine if DAR.WIN is a right fit for your Shopify store. If you have any questions, just reach out to our world-class support team at support@dar.win! We are here to answer any questions you may have.

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the app is really easy to get started with. i had a question about the email feature and support was really fast. cool interface too.


dreadful app tells me nothing i don't already know


good app. but not many recommendations can be showed in the free plan

From $0.00 / month

Plans range from $0.00 to $129.95 / month. Enterprise support and multiple site discounts available upon request. Reach out to support@dar.win for more information.

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