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Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Developed by DAR.WIN

Price: From $79.95 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Personalize product recommendations for different visitors
  • Automatically test product pairings and associations
  • Over time the system gets smarter about your customers and your products

DAR.WIN - Evolving Ecommerce

Right now, your webshop is only as effective as you are. There are countless tools out there, but not enough time to use them all effectively. What if you could just install an app that customized your webshop for you?

DAR.WIN is that app! DAR.WIN recognizes the various visitors to your webshop, and tracks their behavior on your site. Based upon success and failures in the past, DAR.WIN makes predictions of which additional products the current visitor is interested in.

With DAR.WIN you get

  • Intelligent Product Recommendations

  • Customization of your webshop based upon visitor type

  • Custom Recommendations Slider

  • Advanced cart metrics

  • Machine Learning predictive technology

  • World-class support from real engineers in Brooklyn, NY

How does it work?

Over time, the system becomes more intelligent, accurately predicting who will click on what recommendation, and which user groups are interested in different products. This technology lets you connect your users to groups of products in ways that conventional categories cannot.

DAR.WIN will track and use a variety of information about the performance of your webshop. This includes looking at your products, your previous orders and customers.

DAR.WIN will also modify your product theme page to include our DAR.WIN Recommendations widget. This will add a customizable slider to your Product Detail Pages (product.liquid).

How much does it cost?

DAR.WIN is FREE for the first 30 days! After that, DAR.WIN is $79.95/month

With this you will not only receive all of the advanced features, but you'll be working with some of the best and brightest in the software world. DAR.WIN is brought to you by world class engineers, software developers and ecommerce experts. We are a team located in Brooklyn, NY dedicated to providing you with the best software.

How do I get started?

To get started, click the “GET” button on the DAR.WIN Shopify App listing page!

A few clicks later, you’ll have the smartest product recommendations available on the Internet!

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From $79.95 / month

Enterprise support and multiple site discounts available upon request. Reach out to support@dar.win for more information.

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