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  • Same-day delivery.
  • Higher conversion.
  • Improve your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Same-Day Fulfillment and Delivery

Traditional fulfillment was birthed when the internet surfaced and remains antiquated. At Darkstore, we’ve identified this inefficiency and created fast, accessible delivery by bringing fulfillment centers closer to the end-customer. We provide e-commerce brands access to ultra fast delivery and an amazing customer experience at scale.

How It Works

Fulfillment and logistics can be can be complicated, which is why Darkstore keeps things simple and easy. A brand chooses which cities it’d like to have same-day delivery and offers it to its customers. From there, Darkstore fulfills its orders and hands them off to last-mile carriers to be delivered in as fast as 30 minutes. We have partnered with fulfillment warehouses and last-mile carriers across 40 markets in the U.S and negotiated incredible same-day delivery rates.

Integrating With Shopify

Sync Your Catalog - As soon as you authenticate with shopify, all products and variants are synced up with Darkstore's system.

Real-time Shipping Rates - Automatically display our Same-Day carrier rates to customer at checkout.

Sync Your Orders - New shopify orders are synced within seconds and ready to be fulfilled for same-day delivery. Status changes like order fulfillment are immediately synced back into shopify.

Additional Info

Based in San Francisco, Darkstore is revolutionizing supply chain and the way brands get products to their customers. We are on a mission to enable accessible and affordable same-day delivery for e-commerce. Learn more about us here

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Fulfillment storage and delivery. Contact sales@darkstore for pricing.


A Shopify plan with real-time carrier shipping.
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