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11. september 2023

We've been using Data Export for over a year for basic scheduled reports, and it's perfectly functional for that. However, where it really excels is customization.

I just started using it for some more complicated reports and integrations and I'm impressed by the app's ability to report on custom metafields. There was a slight issue with some out of date documentation, but the support chat was extremely helpful: Sree set up the metafield column I needed very quickly, offered to set up any others I needed, and answered all of my questions about the script being used so I should be able to set everything up on my own in the future.

I'm also quite appreciative of the export options, both scheduled and manual. I'm setting up an integration that requires FTP transfers and thought I'd have to do manual report edits and need a 3rd party program, but Data Export has both advanced column formatting tools and FTP support built in, alongside google drive.

While I typically need fairly advanced features, the app is also very easy and intuitive to use. You can set it up entirely with plain-english "select from list" if you want to, or you can get deep in the details with custom scripts. Overall, highly recommend, regardless of your technical requirements it's just very functional and I keep finding more things it can do.

Pure Integrative Pharmacy
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Redigeret 1. august 2023

Finally! Fields you can't get to through the Shopify app are available for creating decent reports! And these guys are great about helping you build them if you run into trouble. Unbelievably responsive. One of the most useful apps you can have with a fantastic Customer Support team behind it. Well done!

Update 8/1:
Just got instant, expert help from Sree on another report that included a Custom Field this time. These guys are awesome and so is their product!

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6. oktober 2022

I have been using this Data Export app for just a short time and I must say that I'm really impressed. The app has helped me create custom reports exactly as I need them for my business which Shopify alone cannot do. Darren at Support has been very helpful working tirelessly to answer all of my questions and to create the custom reports. The support has also been extremely fast (usually within 10-20 minutes) which inspires confidence in the app. I now have everything set up as I need and on the 1st of each month, I will get my custom reports automatically sent to me by email. This is such a great time saver for me and makes the small monthly subscription fee worth every penny. I can 100% recommend this app.

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22. september 2023

Great app! Coming from a SQL background, I would say this app is pretty robust for the price. You can aggregate data pretty easily once you figure out how it works. Customer service is great if you need them to do something for you over chat. Highly recommend! Would be nice to have some charting and other formatting, but you can always do that in excel after exporting. In terms of getting the right data from Shopify, its spot on.

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13. januar 2023

This App Data Export IO has literally saved my business. I have found it so difficult to keep track of sales, transaction fees, and taxes paid across different that I was on the verge of giving up after 2 years of sales. This app has completely brought me back from the brink and has given me total control over the information I need. Their Live Human Support is also stellar. Real people come online quickly and just stay with you, helping you to make new reports, and suggesting changes. Really brilliant. I can't rate this app highly enough!

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2. november 2022

HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this app - if you are having any issues with reporting in native Shopify you should check this app out. ANY data point that touches Shopify can be put into a report. It can be a bit daunting to create the reports yourself or alter the 100's of pre-made reports -however, their customer support is incredible! Twice now I have used their chat support and they build the custom reports for us instantly and walk you though how they do it. Cant tell you how detailed and specific you can get with these reports. so unbelievably helpful !~

Alcone Company
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13. februar 2023

I've tried other report apps on Shopify (ones that cost way more). Data Export is by far the best. Their support is amazing and the data is exactly what we need, the way we need it. Scheduling the reports is super slick and easy as well. If you do a lot of business on your Shopify store, you'll eventually need better reporting than the stock Shopify reports. Come straight to this app when you do. You will not be disappointed!

Factory Direct Hobbies
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2. februar 2023

There is a reason why this app has virtually all 5 star reviews. The out of the box reports are great. The ability to create your own reports and even add custom / calculated fields is excellent. The ability to schedule the reports and the flexibility is awesome. And to top it off, their real time chat support is excellent. I have reached out multiple times via there support chat service and every time the wait has been very short and the responses have always resulted in a solution to my particular problem. I highly recommend this app for all your data reporting needs for you Shopify store.

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15. december 2022

Cannot stress enough how great this app is. I'd been using other data export apps but they didn't allow email scheduling. That's a game changer when many actors are involved and don't want to log into apps / shopify but still have data. The service is easy to use, scheduling efficient and intuitive, and customer service has been amazing. We've had to tweak different reports to fit our bureaucratic needs and it's worked wonders!

Brums Milano
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Redigeret 23. januar 2023

Now I understand why this app has 1793 reviews, 99% of which are 5-stars. I've been looking for a Shopify data analytics platform with customizable reports similar to Salesforce, which has an incredible reporting system, but they're obviously a CRM, not e-commerce biz support.

This. Is. It. And I'm SHOCKED this is as inexpensive as it is--I was paying several hundred dollars per month for a software solely for the purpose of their analytics (it was also an OMS), but Data Export is as customizable as it gets. There's DOZENS of off-the-shelf reports, all of which you can customize for as your own template.

Plus their customer service is incredible--I only signed up today, so naturally I had many questions about customization, and at 11:00pm pacific time on a Sunday, one of their reps, Jeff, immediately responded and went above and beyond for 45 minutes to help me customize several reports. Well done!

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