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13. Juni 2024

Data Export really helps us answer the questions that the built-in Shopify reports do not, and their customer service is fantastic! They have always been able to slice the data for me for what I'm looking for when I can't build it myself or grab it from their pre-made reports.

Redshift Sports
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26. Juni 2024

Data Export provides access to data that isn't available through the normal Shopify reports and lets you specifically customize and automate a number of activities that can take a long time! Their support is crazy awesome. If you can think of a report, no matter how complex, they will work with you and help make it happen, quickly! Top notch app with even better support!

4 monate mit der App
2. Juli 2024

Great reporting app, very user friendly. Also, great customer service. They have been able to help us soon after we send them a message.

Miss Cayce's
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Etwa ein jahr mit der App
10. Juni 2024

I have used many reporting apps over the years, but I've never experienced the level of service that the team at DataExport.IO offer.

We have ALOT of custom requirements for our business, and so far they've been able to provide every report we've needed - and usually within a few minutes.

Yes, there are other good reporting apps. They all more or less pull the same info - whatever Shopify makes available through the API. But what really makes this team special is that where the API is unable to directly provide certain data we need, this team has made the effort to think creatively and provide us the numbers that are critical to our daily business where 'out of the box' those numbers couldn't be pulled.

Thank you again!

Verified Investing
Vereinigte Staaten
2 monate mit der App
1. Juli 2024

Very very flexible app for generating all kinds of reports. Their customer service is also incredible - always there to help and will even generate custom reports for you at times.

Apollo Neuro
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Etwa 3 jahre mit der App
9. Mai 2024

This team is amazing. Everytime i need a new report they are always available within minutes to help me build my custom report

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3. Juli 2024

This app can make complex reports that are not available in Shopify Analytics. If, for any reason, you don't know how to make the report you want, customer support will help you promptly! Definitely recommend this app.

8 monate mit der App
21. Juni 2024

I had some challenges finding the right fields for my reporting in Shopify and so far Data Export IO has come to the rescue.

There has not been a field i can not export and report on.

The online support has also been fantastic.

Great Work Team @ Data Export IO

8 monate mit der App
30. Mai 2024

Love that I can get a custom report 24/7! Vandana got it spot on the 1st try upon my request.

Uniform Trading Company
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Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
11. April 2024

Data export app has been so helpful to our company! Automating and scheduling reports has been a game-changer for us and customer service is always quick to help out and build customizations that we need. So appreciative of this application so that we can get more reporting than what standard shopify analytics can offer.

Face Reality Skincare Professional
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